[HCDX]: AIR Local Programming
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[HCDX]: AIR Local Programming


just returned from a one-week DX-pedition to northern Denmark. Together
with Uwe Volk we stayed a week in Wilhelm Herbst's house. Despite 17
antennas ranging from 80 to 330 meters 12 stations only from North
America were heard on MW. Two years ago we heard 12 North Americans on
1390 alone.... :-(

So we had to look for other targets. And we found some interesting AIR
local programmes:
AIR Shillong in English with half an hour of easy-to-report western pop
music from 1400-1430 on 4790.
AIR Gangtok, also in English with pop-music on 3390 from 1430-1500 UTC.
AIR Kohima 4850, English programming, pop music, from 1400-1430 UTC.


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