Re: [HCDX]: DXpeditions to east Finland
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Re: [HCDX]: DXpeditions to east Finland

At 23.37 27.11.1999 -0800, you wrote:
>Personally, I don't think that differences in location *within* Finland have
>much to do with success in Asian AM DXing. These Eastern DXpeditions have
had >an advantage mostly because other DXers just haven't bothered to put
up good
>antennae for Asia and have concentrated more on the Western hemisphere.
>Jorma Mantyla could probably tell much more, he is an active Asia

Do you count Lappland to Finland here? I have never been DXing in Lappland,
but based on loggings made there and listening experience in other parts of
Finland I on the contrary think that it is much easier to hear also Asian
MW stations in Lappland than in southern Finland. And it is not just the
better antennae used in Lemmenjoki. There is also longer darkness in
mid-winter, which is essential for just after noon Asian MW DXing. And what
is even more essential for Asians than North Americans, they operate on the
same fq's with Europeans, and interference from central European stations
is lower in Lappland, that's what I have been told. Even a small loss in
signal from the interferening station combined with some strengthening for
the desired station means a lot.
So, I think travelling some 700 km northwards in Europe makes a huge
difference regarding also Asian (especially Far Eastern) MW stations. Why
would any Asian specialist bother to do that if things were otherwise?
In early autumn Eastern Finland can be even better place for Asians than
Lappland. And of course the more south and west lies the desired Asian
station, the less is the advantage of northerly listening QTH.
I have done most of my DXing 100 km south of the town of Oulu in western
Finland and now I have been living 1,5 year near the town of Joensuu in
eastern Finland. Antennas towards Asia are about the same in both places,
long-wires of 500 metres. Especially Thai stations seem to be easy here in
the east. But I think I'd hear ALMOST the same stations in the west, too. 
I'm still looking forward to hearing the ex-band Australians that have been
heard here near my place! They should be "easier" here than in the west.
Any other opinions/aspects?

73, Mauno
25 km east of Joensuu in eastern Finland

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