[HCDX]: Loggings
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[HCDX]: Loggings



3324.8, Radio Maya de Barillas, Nov. 29, 0313-0327*, Easy songs, male
speaker in Spanish. ID at 0326, in what appeared to be the S/off
announcement. Off air at 0327. 24332 (Veldhuis)


5040, RRI; Pekanbaru (presumed), Nov. 28, 1524-1542, Non-stop Indonesian
ballads. Not a single announcement. 24332 (Veldhuis)


5523, Radio Sudamerica; Cutervo, Nov. 28, 0042-0053, Male speaker in Spanish
with music in background, music bridges, time checks, listeners on the
phone, tentative ID. 24343 (Veldhuis)


4990.9, Radio Apintie; Paramaribo, Nov. 29, 0345-0450. First time I heard
this station, really happy with it. Almost no talk, but clear ID heard at
0419. Non-stop soft popmusic (R Kelly, Mister Mister, The Jacksons, etc.).
Also heard a song by Dutch singer Marianne Weber. 23332 (Veldhuis)

Mark Veldhuis
the Netherlands
AOR AR7030, 20 meter longwire
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