Re: [HCDX]: UNID second "France" 1206 kHz
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Re: [HCDX]: UNID second "France" 1206 kHz

Hi Karel:

> UNID french speaking station heard this morning (NOV 28, 0725-0750
> f/out) on 1206 kHz under Radio Bleue (France). Not // 162 kHz.
> Usually only Radio Bleue is audible on this frequency - and Israel
> in the night.

Yesterday morning I checked some French stationsoften had another  
French underneath: 819 Sudradio, 711 Rennes, 162 Allouis etc.
First I thought of Algeria/Morocco or Euzcadi with some French on 819.
However, all stations underneath were images of other frequencies:
eg. 216 with (strong) images of 183 is the typical 'Luxemburg' effect  
of stations between the transmitter and the receiver modulating its  
signals onto the original station's signals. With 1206 originating  
from Bordeaux there are some stations in between - I think it was  
Europe 2 as well.
73's de JOACHIM
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