RE: [HCDX]: Radio Vanuatu
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RE: [HCDX]: Radio Vanuatu

> Don't worry, Karel! I also try to receive that station almost
> every morning
> here about 80 km north of Nuremberg. At present I only can observe VoA Sao
> Tome here. Last year however I succeeded in tuning in to Radio Vanuatu on
> 4960 at around 7.00 UTC in mid december. Then we have the desired
> grey line
> between Vanuatu and central Europe. Let's wait and see (and listen).

I was on a two-day DX-camp in Kasterlee, Belgium.  We had rolled out
beverages towards NAm, CAm and SEAs of 500, 300 and 400 m resp.

Yesterday (Sunday) at 0650 UTC is was possible to hear them faintly on our
400 meter / 35° bev connected to an AOR AR7030.  Some pops songs were
clearly recognised, followed by some organ mx.  At the top of the hour there
were announcements but the language was not recognised.  It was simply to
weak.  I also heard a bird-call, which I assume must be the 'Yellow-bird'.
No ID was heard but it is quite obvious that this must be Vanuatu.

On Saturday I heard bits and pieces of what might be R Solomons at 1915 on
5020 kHz.

They will probably arrive on 'ordinary' antennas in the next few days or

PNG 4890 was strong but no R West New Britain.

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