[HCDX]: Date: Wed, 1 Dec 1999 18:41:56 +0100
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[HCDX]: Date: Wed, 1 Dec 1999 18:41:56 +0100



4879.2, Bangladesh Betar; Shavar, Nov. 29, 1531-1527, Very weak with news in
English by male speaker. ID at 1536 UTC. (Veldhuis)

15518.75, Bangladesh Betar; Shavar, Nov. 30, 1530, Female with ID and news
in English. Strong signal, but low modulation with a hum. Suddenly pulled
the plug at 1535 UTC. (Veldhuis)


4875.3, Radio Cruz del Sur; La Paz, Nov. 30, 2245-2310, Male and female in
Spanish, and (what sounded like) correspondents reports. Bolivia mentioned
regularly. Short music bridges. At 2305 jingle, promo, canned ID. At 2308
Bolivian music. Nice signal, 34343 (Veldhuis)


9704.2, Radio Ethiopia; Gedja, Dec. 1, *0247-0301, Transmitter on at 0247,
when I was listening to non-stop music again on 9705 (presumably Mexico, see
other log). IS at 0258, followed by ID in presumed Amharic and chime. Strong
signal, but very low modulation. (Veldhuis)


9705, Radio Mexico International (presumed), Dec. 1, 0053 with non-stop
Mexican songs with male vocals. SINPO 23443, until VOA signed on at 0100 UTC
(via Thailand). Could hear female speaker in Spanish under VOA, but not good
enough for ID. Heard again at 0335, again with non-stop music, this time
instrumental. Continued listening till Ethiopia turned on their transmitter
at 0247 on 9704.2 kHz. No talk heard this time. (Veldhuis)


9730, SLBC; Ekala, Dec. 1, 0102-0110, First Christmas song I heard on
shortwave this year: a song from Sir Cliff Richard. Female speaker in
English with greetings to listeners, followed by country song from Olivia
Newton John. Strong signal, as often: 44434. (Veldhuis)

Best 73',
Mark Veldhuis,
the Netherlands.
AOR AR7030 , 20 meter longwire.
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