Re: [HCDX]: E-mail address wanted
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Re: [HCDX]: E-mail address wanted

On Wed, 1 Dec 1999 Schmidandy@xxxxxxx wrote:

> Hi everybody,
>         can anybody help me with the E-mail addresses of the following 
> stations:
> 1)  Radio La Cruz del Sur / La Paz / Bolivia
> 2)  Radio Rumbos / Caracas / Venezuela  ("rumbos@xxxxxxxxxxxx" did  not work)
> Many thanks in advance
>                                 Andy
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------

1) Passport to World Band Radio 2000 has this e-mail for R. La Cruz del


2) PWBR 2000 and WRTH 99 both have the Rumbos e-mail address you mention;
maybe you can reach them instead through their web page:

Good luck!

Marie Lamb

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