Re: [HCDX]: AOR 7030
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Re: [HCDX]: AOR 7030


Thanks for the info on the 7030 NB. I am trying to find a receiver or
add on that will remove (totally) the clicking  from the fence. The R8
works pretty good except near strong signals.  Like if there is a local
on 1370 KHZ (KAST-Astoria,OR), then tune into a signal on 1360 khz or
1380 khz and you hear the clicking. The R8*s noise blanker in automatic
as it turns off  near strong signals. It was driving me nuts the other
night when KXOL-1660 was off running an open carrier, the noise blanker
was off because of KXOL's strong carrier, so in listening to WQSN under
the OC, the click click click every second was rough. There must be a
way to rid myself of the noise.


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