[HCDX]: Addresses needed for several AM stations
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[HCDX]: Addresses needed for several AM stations

Can anyone please help with the addresses of the following stations:

- Rst. Ekho Moskvy, Krasnoyarsk (1395 kHz) - the local address in
- Super Radyo (network) headquarters somewhere in Metro-Manila,
- R AM O Dia, Rio de Janeiro (1440 kHz) - Rua Miguel de Frias listed in
the WRTH is outdated, my letter was just returned
- WFRL Freeport IL (1570 kHz) - P.O.Box 810 listed in the latest NRC AM
Log is outdated, no reaction yet from the street address 834 Tower Rd
- KFQC Davenport IA (1580 kHz) - this is a hopeless case, probably
silent since mid-98. Does anyone have contact information for some
previous bosses at the station or for the parent company currently
holding the license?
- KDIA Vallejo CA (1640 kHz) - 7677 Oakport St is outdated (also listed
in the NRC Log), my letter was just returned. The 3267 Sonoma Blvd I
guess is an even older address.

I would love to get these verified...

Mika Makelainen, Finland

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