[HCDX]: 87.7 MHz results so far
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[HCDX]: 87.7 MHz results so far

This is an email to say a BIG THANK YOU to everyone who's responded and contributed suggestions regarding my log last Monday on 87.7 MHz. I'm quite stunned by the number of people who've found time to listen and dig out further information.

You might receive this email via more than one route. I can't avoid this since I don't know which maillists you may or may not subscribe to. So apologies if you receive this 3 or 4 times.

Since I posted the original RealMedia file on Monday night, I've added a WAV and an AIFF version too which are larger but are better quality being uncompressed.

But of course, what you'll be wanting to know is have we had success identifying the station(s). The recording I made at 1115 UTC on Mon 29 Nov 1999 on 87.7 MHz.

A quick summary is that most people say there are 2 stations, both with American accents (not Canadian), and that's it's audio from tv channel 6.

WECT's chief engineer in Wilmington NC says that the lady is their evening news anchor *but* she does recorded pieces for the morning show too.

The man's voice apparently is Kent Schocknek of KNBC-4 in LA ... derived from when he was on-air during the aftershocks of the 1994 earthquake in LA. So there really is a timecheck for 5.26 ... it's just that it's recorded not live. So we still have to find out who was carrying an earthquake item at this time.

I've compiled all the responses so far from dx-ers and stations onto this page

The obvious other question is "how did it get here?".

There is a big high pressure over the SE USA, and it was at 6.15am ie in the pre-dawn period. I'd have to assume there was an inversion or duct over the sea which carried the signal a fair way across the Atlantic. When that ran out, the signal became line of sight to the horizon and perhaps just needed one meteor ping to get it here, though two is also possible. There were a fair number of "pinging" meteors all that day.

I'll send out another update like this next weekend. And I'll be updating the results page daily.

Mark Hattam
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