[HCDX]: Re:630 UNID
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[HCDX]: Re:630 UNID

Hei Gert!

>Date: Sat, 04 Dec 1999 06:47:34 +0100
>Subject: [HCDX]: 630 UNID

>Yesterday I checked some identified recordings from December 19 1999
>when conditions were very good towards the western parts of the US. On
>630 I had a station with a talk show announcing a local telephonenumber
>280 0491, with a guy calling from the Vancouver area. Some minutes later
>I identified 780 KKOH so conditions were good towards this area. Any
>ideas someone?

>- --
>Gert Nilsson

C K N W Radio
750 Pacific Blvd
Vancouver, BC
On Air (604) 280-0491

So it could be:
CKOV Kelowna, BC(5000W/1000W)
or even
CBKU Sayward, BC (40W/40W)

73's Vesa Heikkilä, Oulainen, Finland
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