[HCDX]: G Hauser's Shortwave/DX Report 99-67
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[HCDX]: G Hauser's Shortwave/DX Report 99-67

        GLENN HAUSER'S SHORTWAVE/DX REPORT 99-67, Dec 5, 1999

{Items from this and all our reports may be reproduced and re-
reproduced only providing full credit be maintained at all stages}

WORLD OF RADIO ON WRN1, RFPI: WOR 1014 is available ondemand from WRN 
as of 1200 UT Sun Dec 5. This was our first attempt at E-mailing it. 
We hope RFPI will have it in time for 2300 UT Sun.

** AUSTRIA [non]. A convenient time to catch ORF's Spanish DX program 
``Mundo DX'' from the Asociacion DX Barcelona is Sat 1650 via RCI 
17865. Dec 4 started with puff on TWR, and a few other items, all 
with continuous musical bed, making it oh, so much more exciting. I 
should do this with WOR!! (Glenn Hauser, OK)

** BOLIVIA. Dec 5 is municipal election day here for mayors. Many 
stations will extend their broadcast hours, some will link up into 
networks and others perhaps will reactivate SW. A good day for 
listening (Rogildo F. Aragao, Cochabamba, radio-escutas, translated 
from Portuguese by Hauser)
** CANADA. December 4, 1999. Thanks to a tip from Bill Westenhaver of 
Montreal earlier this morning, Info 690, 690 kHz has once again 
changed the tape loop running on the frequency. New call letters are 
now being given for the station: CINF presumably in reference to 
Inforadio. Nothing confirmed yet with Industry Canada and/or CRTC 
here in Canada to determine if these are legal call letters. (Sheldon 
Harvey Canadian Int. DX Club) 

** EQUATORIAL GUINEA. R. Africa, 15184.88 (i.e. about 3 clicks on the 
ATS-909 detente below 15185.00), 2254 Sat Dec 4 in English laboriously 
spelling out Cupertino and several African addresses, offering QSL, a 
bit of music to 2259* (Glenn Hauser, OK)

** KOREA NORTH. Glenn, R. Pyongyang 0000 broadcast is for North 
America (15180, 11710, 13760); 0100 is to SE Asia/ Central and South 
America (17735, 11735, 15230). 0200 again to SE Asia/ Central and 
South America (15650, 11735, 15230). Scheds given on air seem to be 
OK. Yes, all in English. Regards, (Dave Zantow, WI, Dec 4)

** NEW ZEALAND. This page on my website promotes the acquiring of a 
new RNZI Transmitter. Please inform your listeners of this page if 
you can:


(M Hackett (webmaster), Dec 5) Says it would pay for itself by 
renting out time, with dollar projections (Hauser)

** SOUTH AMERICA. Dear Friends: Radio Blandengue from some place in 
South America will be on the air this weekend performing his pirate 
activities on 14565 KHz LSB and 6950 KHz USB according to the 
following sked: ALL TIMES AND DATE ARE UTC 

Sunday Dec 5 on 14565 KHz LSB 2100 - 2200 Radio Waves International; 
2200 - 2230 Emisora Z del Dragon; 2230 - 2300 Radio Blandengue 

Monday Dec 6 on 6950 Khz USB 0000 - 0030 Emisora Z del Dragon; 0030 - 
0100 Radio Blandengue; 0100 - 0200 Radio Waves International 

Note 14565, which might actually make it some distance (Hauser)

** SUDAN. I have heard Radio Omdurman several times on top of V. of 
Sudan, causing interferences (jamming) in addition to that music 
jammer we often hear (//6920). So,  on >>good<< days you have three 
different stations on 8000 kcs at the same time. (Harald Kuhl, 
Germany) Re 99-66

Sudan National Radio Corporation has web site at: 
73 de Pentti Lintujarvi, Helsinki, Finland (via hard-core-dx)

** U S A. WBCQ-2 tested for a couple of hours Dec 2 on 9340 with 8 
kW. The few reports received indicated good reception (Allan Weiner 
Worldwide Dec 4 via Hauser)

** U S A. Space Support Net found Sat Dec 4 at 1635 on 13985-USB, 
numerous stations with AFA- calls, which I think are basically Air 
Force MARS. NCS AFA4BR had them QSY after net closing at 1640 to a 
higher frequency ``Wisdom 7'' to check propagation. This net back 
next Saturday at *1500 (Glenn Hauser, OK)                    ###

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