RE: [HCDX]: Unid LA broadcaster on 5000
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RE: [HCDX]: Unid LA broadcaster on 5000

> > I heard an unidentified LA broadcasting station under the
> Venezuelan Time
> > station on 5000 kHz.  Can't find any reference to it.  Has anybody an
> idea?

> Hi,
> it's YVETTE from Caracas:
> Observatory Naval Cagigal, Caracas, Venezuela

Thanks to everybody responding so quickly, but please read carefully.  I
know that I heard YVTO, Observatorio Naval Cagigal, Caracas, Venezuela, but
besides that time signal station there was _another_ station on that
frequency playing LA mx.  It was heard around 0630 on Sun Nov 28.  It was
one of the recordings I made at the Kasterlee DX Camp. Receiver was an AR
7030 connected to a 300 m bev pointing toward Central America.

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