[HCDX]: Shortwave logs from Italy.
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[HCDX]: Shortwave logs from Italy.

Hallo to everybody from Taranto, in the South of Italy. Here is a small
selection of logs of  stations received in the few past days . They were
received by using an ICOM IC R70 connected to an inverted "V" antenna. A
wider selection of my tips, together with those of about ten contributors
from Europe and South America, is available online,  on the GADM web site,
at this url: fly.to/gadm

INDIA, 4910,  AIR Jaipur, 1546-1549, Hindi: local ID, Announcements, MX
bridge, TK. Fair/Good. SIO 353 (Napolitano, Dec. 3).

8000.8, Voice of Sudan, 1559-1620, Arabic: S/ON with March, ID "Huna..."
(Sudan mentioned), frequencies and TK. At 1612 MX followed, at 1620, by TK.
Fair/Good. Sio 433. (Napolitano, Dec. 7)

TAIWAN, 3335, Presumed CBS, Taipei, 1729-1739, Chinese: TK and few  short
MX bridges. Poor. SIO 232 (Napolitano, Dec. 3).

ANTARTICA, 15476, Radio Nacional Arcangel S.Gabriel, 1925-1934, Spanish:
Song, ID. At 1934 S/OFF. Fair/good. SIO 353 (Napolitano, Dec. 3).

ECUADOR, 9745, HCJB, 0759-0804, Portoguese: IS, ID, Time Check, TK,
Religious  song. Good. SIO 444 (Napolitano, Dec. 4).

ITALY, 7306.5 (USB MOde) 04 Radio Europe, 1100-1105, English: ID, Address,
Dance MX. Poor/Fair. SIO 253. (Napolitano, Dec. 4).

MYANMAR, 5985, Presumed Radio Myanmar,1430-1452, English: Asian MX and
announcement, then western pop songs. At 1448 preumed NX by female speaker.
At 1452 short piece of MX (a few seconds later appeared a strong carrier. 
That was Radio Tirana). Poor/fair. SIO 242. (Napolitano, Dec. 8).

MADAGASCAR, 5009.6, Radio Madagascar, 1659-1717, French: ID, NX. At 1713
end of NX, Drums and song. Good. SIO 444. (Napolitano, Dec. 9).

UGANDA, 5026, Radio Uganda, 1905-1911, English: NX by a male announcer in
// 4976 kHz. Low Modulation. Fair. SIO 343. (Napolitano, Dec. 9).

PAPUA NEW GUINEA, 4890, Presumed NBC Port Moresby, 1934-1947, English:
Western pops, announcements, Fair. SIO 343. (Napolitano, Dec. 9).
Antonello Napolitano 
Editor of DX Fanzine

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(free of charge!) via the GADM web site and updated daily (with a few
exceptions). It contains loggings (received via E-mail) of medium and short
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