[HCDX]: LOGS 5-12
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[HCDX]: LOGS 5-12

All reports below are made on 5-12 and with the WWDXC 440 Nov 26th on hand 
where applicable 

NEW STAR 8300 was jammed  by a jammer ( similar to jammer used for ME usage) at 
1515 and afterwards  , YL speaking distinct  wirds. I wonder if this jammer was 
oriented towards the persian stations ( V of Mujahed) on nearby freqs or 
anything other  . Liangas Thessaloniki Greece 

RUSSIA R free Chechnya , 15605, 0935   man in speech in RR and mixed with 
arabic lang then reports and  songs ON 1000 IS and ID  as R chechnya svobodna 
then news and on 1010  with old french songs .This is as f-up to WWDXC 440 . 
Checked 11635 at 44444 and 15605 again 44444 but 15515 was clear  Liangas 
Thessaloniki Greece 

S ARABIA 21670 in indon man on a speech and ID 1030 then islamic prg 44444 One 
old  friend  that has not freq adjustments  Liangas Thessaloniki Greece 

IRAN? 15165 unIDed 1055 in IND with relig prg  and refs to Cronons (?) 33433 
Uzbekistan was underneath with ID at 1100 NO ID from the station ,hence I 
assume Iran .  Liangas Thessaloniki Greece 

Qatar 9555 Qatar BS 1456 arabic msx and at 1521 a music from a greek TV movie 
44444  Liangas Thessaloniki Greece 

?  4855 R Khara ? 1506 with nwes in RR abrupt stop on 1507  33333 Liangas 
Thessaloniki Greece 

V of Mojahed ? 7900,1511 play of fast classical music from ?hooked on classics? 
then vanished possibly 7820  Fair  Liangas Thessaloniki Greece 

4700 unIDed a station playing beat music 1519 . very low signal  with fast 
fading  Liangas Thessaloniki Greece 

CHINA 4883 CRI 1535 in RR , music intervals and man speaking on Mediteraneean 
22232  Liangas Thessaloniki Greece 

CHINA 4750 Xizang BS ? , here it is only a carrier ( as per WWDXC 440) but only 
SSBers are heard on USB 1540  Liangas Thessaloniki Greece 

INDIA 4800 AIR Hyderabad 1542 adverts , 1545 ID ?this is AIR  then news in Engl 
22332  Liangas Thessaloniki Greece 

XINJIANG 4980 and 5060 were with very goos signals (44444)  Liangas 
Thessaloniki Greece 

SPORE 7235 Warna , Signal was 44444 checked on 1520 and 1545 , on 1556 were 
giving a web adress as www.rts.com.sg ????? Clear after 1530 closed 1600 having 
on 1600 extreme QRM from RFE in AZ  Liangas Thessaloniki Greece 

TAILAND 12015 ( after WWDXC440) also audible here 1910 with EG lessons on 
business dioalog  Liangas Thessaloniki Greece 

15016 person with encrypted mesg in  ITA code 1010 
4840 + 4841 the first with arabic then latter on hebrew 1535-40 
4840 ?139 + counts? 1904 
5825 an italian QSO  circuit 1945 Very good circuit 

Zacharias Liangas		pen-DX sejak 72
anggota World-DX-Club 2104,Play DX, DSWCI #3507(temporarily out) 

updated web pages on www.geocities.com/Hollywood/Lot/2638 : 
pirates.htm  tv-litoh.html thesfm.htm  tvstat.htm biblio.htm  
     and telenovelas page on telenovs.htm (every 2 weeks) 


pesawat penerima : Lowe HF 150 , SONY IFC 7600 D ,Yupiteru MVT7100scanner(NEW),  Philips 2935 antena 6 m & 11 m 
accesories: handmade ATU,MFJ 1040 preselector,MFJ1025 noise canceller , MFJ 752c filter audio ,  MFJ16010 ATU
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