[HCDX]: The ARRL Letter, Vol 18, No 49
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[HCDX]: The ARRL Letter, Vol 18, No 49

The following has been taken from The ARRL Letter, Vol 18, No 49 (18dec99)

>  The FCC has turned down a request by Michael R. Reynolds, W0KIE, to permit
>  amateurs to make one-way transmissions intended for reception by the 
>  public on Amateur Service frequencies above 420 MHz. Reynolds had said 
>  if adopted, his proposal would provide new opportunities for noncommercial,
>  community-oriented radio and additional diversity on the radio dial. He 
>  asserted that Amateur Service frequencies above 420 MHz are "seriously
>  underutilized." 
>  The FCC dismissed the petition November 18, apparently without ever
>  assigning it a rulemaking number or soliciting comments. In dismissing the
>  petition, the FCC said that the Amateur Service was not intended to be used
>  for broadcasting, that authorizing broadcasting in the 420-450 MHz band
>  could cause harmful interference to other stations that share the band with
>  amateurs, that the band is well-populated with repeaters, and that 420 MHz
>  is the lowest amateur frequency available for spread spectrum and ATV. The
>  FCC also noted the pending petition to create a low-power FM broadcasting
>  service.--W5YI Report
>  Material from The ARRL Letter may be reproduced in whole or in part in any
>  form, including photoreproduction and electronic databases. Credit must be
>  given to The ARRL Letter and The American Radio Relay League.
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