[HCDX]: Solomon Islands log
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[HCDX]: Solomon Islands log

Hi guys,

strong signal from Solomon Islands last night:

SOLOMON ISLANDS: 5020 SIBC Honiara in E with prayer and church choir,
1910-1925, S7, 18 Dec.

The signal was so strong that it made it through the heavy noise level that
I am suffering from for about 10 days. The noise seems to come from a nearby
power line that has never caused any interference so far. It's really
annoying because the QRM reaches peaks up to S6 on the S-meter. The noise
reaches from 1.8 up to 18 MHz! It's frustrating any serious DX efforts. I
wonder if there is a HF expert among us who has access to an oscilloscope
and who would be willing to analyze a short audio file of the noise (it's a
wav.file because my mp3 encoder doesn't work).

Thanks and MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY and SAFE NEW YEAR to all of you!


Enzio Gehrig
Dénia / Spain (38.50N 00.04E)
535d+ ar3030 mod / rf systems
mta + multiband dipole
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