[HCDX]: Macau coverage on CRI
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[HCDX]: Macau coverage on CRI

Late update to the CRI Macau coverage, as of 1900 UT Dec 19, since DX Report 99-77::

** MACAU [non]. The great moment of handover 1600 UT was marred at 1557 by "What a Friend We Have in Jesus" as FEBA prepared to do a scheduled broadcast on 9785; 1558 CRI relayed the majestic Portuguese national anthem, and at precisely 1600 the Chinese anthem. Meanwhile, //7405 had cut off around 1557 at its scheduled closing despite the live coverage in progress. Unlistenable until about 1630 when FEBA was off or faded. 9785 was still on at 1808 check with ceremony, English commentary and cut off at 1825.

Meanwhile I finally looked at the cri/macau website and listened to a few seconds of its RA before that dropped off -- audio was awful, worse than SW beamed elsewhere. But the table displayed there made more sense than previous renderings, with the exception of the slight omission of not showing any times. From that we see that the planned frequency usage is/was:

l. Handover: 9705 Eu, 9785 SAf/As
2. Inauguration of Regional Government: ditto plus 9690 to NAm     [unheard]
3. Celebration in Macau: Eu 9745, SAf/As 11720 [not heard here, yet?]
4. Official Reception in Macau: Eu 17755, SAf/As 11720, NAm 9690
5. Gala Celebration in Beijing: Eu 17755, SAf 11720, SEAs 9535, SAs  11765

(Glenn Hauser, OK)

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