[HCDX]: Turks & Caicos
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[HCDX]: Turks & Caicos

A brief history of recent Turks & Caicos b'casting from resident James
> The Atlantic Beacon was the original MW station on South Caicos
> (my home island). This station changed hands three times and is
> currently owned by a religious organisation based in Patterson,
> New Jersey, U.S.A. The solid state Nautel Transmitter was upgraded
> to 100KW fed into a 425 feet tower beaming SSW towards South and
> Central America. The station is housed in the old U.S. Coast Guard
> Loran Station transmitter building. The U.S. Coast Guard left in
> 1980. The station is fully automated. All programs are produced in
> Patterson and satellite fed to the transmitter on South Caicos.
> During the third sale of this station, the name was changed to
> R. Vision Chrsitiana. This station is manned by a sole employee
> who maintains the transmitter, asnwers the phone and replies to
> reception reports.
> The Caribbean Christian Radio transmitter is owned by West Indies
> Broadcasting Ltd. a locally registered Turks and Caicos company
> with shares held by an American and a local islander. The old
> 20KW Continental transmitter has been out of service for several
> months. The Government leases their 5KW FM transmitter to relay
> Radio Turks and Caicos, the local national station. R. Turks and
> Caicos used to operate on 1460khz MW but ceased about five years
> ago due to severe roof damage to the studio/transmitter building.
> They do not have any plans of returning to MW.
> There are approximately 6 low power FM stations in the islands.
> Three religious stations relaying the Moody Network and VCY America
> from the USA and three braodcasting a combination of local music
> programmes and US pop music programmes received via satellite.
> If you have any problems getting QSL's from any of the MW stations,
> please let me know and I will check into it for you.
73s Paul

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