[HCDX]: 25 m band this morning
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[HCDX]: 25 m band this morning


It is possible now here in Germany to listen to some Brazilians in the 25 m
band also in the local morning, so for instance today December 22 between
0800 and 0830:

11785 R. Guaiba, SINPO: 24332
11815 R. Brazil Central, 24332
11830 R. Anhanguera, 33333

A weird number station appeared in the 25 m broadcasting (11830 kHz) band
at 0840. A Russian man voice said "7;4;5" for 3 times and then zero (in
Russian: null) for 4 times. All this was repeated several times and at 0843
the station was again off the air. The station had also a very strong
signal (SINPO: 54444).

11915 R. Tatarstan sign on at 0900 with IS and ID in the Tatar language.
However the carrier of the 100 kW Samara transmitter was there already at
0815. By the way the Samara transmitter site seems to be the closest site
to Tatarstan as I haven't seen the Kazan transmitter site appearing any
more in a frequency list. 

I wish to all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2000

Erich Bergmann, 
Ansbach, Germany
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