[HCDX]: Grimeton Radio SAQ
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[HCDX]: Grimeton Radio SAQ

Hello friends on the list,

as I am informed by AGCW-DL e. V. 'Last Minute' Grimeton Radio - SAQ -
will have test transmissions in Morse Code (CW) on their transmitter from 
the twenties:

- on 01 January 2000 at 1200, 1230, and 1300 UTC and
- on 02 January 2000 at 0600, 0630, and 0700 UTC

on 17,2 kHz (VLF).

Reception Reports are to be sent to Radio Station Grimeton, Telia Mobile,
PI 3118, S-43016 Rolfstorp/Sweden.

eMail: grimeton-radio@xxxxxxxx

Fax (+46) 340-674195

Source: Letter to AGCW-Info 2/99, 17 December 1999

73 and Glueck auf!

Merry Christmas, a Happy New Year, and best DX

Klaus/DL 3 EAY and DE 2 JLS

P.S: Unfortunately I miss an VLF-receiver resp. converter
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