[HCDX]: IRCA's AM DX NewsFlash - 12/23/99
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[HCDX]: IRCA's AM DX NewsFlash - 12/23/99

         WELCOME TO IRCA's AM-DX NEWSFLASH  -  December 23 1999
                          Vol 5  No 36-38

                   IRCA's web site... check it out!!

Deadline for next issue = WEDNESDAY, December 29 1999 @ 1400 UTC

 Send all contributions to me @ philip_bytheway@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

"**" denotes that the tip/info/etc. came from the IRCA egroup, and you 
must be a member of IRCA to subscribe to the egroup at 
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CONVENTION - MEETING INFO (corrections/additions welcome)


The 2000 IRCA convention will be held August 25,26,and 27 in Billings, 
MT. The convention will be hosted by John and Nancy Johnson.

IRCA's 2000 Convention has a web site for complete information.


 CPC DX tests


CPC Chairperson (IRCA) - Lynn Hollerman - gmhollerman@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

      1/ 1/00 Sat - 0300-???? - 1420 - KSTN - Stockton CA (IRCA)
      1/ 9/00 Sun - 0030-0045 - 1500 - WFIF - Milford CT (IRCA)
    * 1/17/00 Mon - 0400-0500 -  760 - WVNE - Worcester MA (IRCA)
    * 1/23/00 Sun - 0000-0100 - 1090 - KTNS - Oakhurst CA (IRCA)
    * 1/30/00 Sun - 0100-0300 - 1450 - WILM - Wilmington DE (NRC)
    *             - 0100-0130 -  630 - WMAL - Washington DC (IRCA)

Saturday, December 18, 2000 - WAAT-750, Olyphant, PA will conduct a DX 
test from 12:00 am - 2:00 am EST. The test will include tones, code IDs, 
and POLKA MUSIC. Phone calls (prepaid only) may be made to 570-342-7575.

  Reception reports may be sent to:
Mr. Kevin Fennessey
WAAT Bank Towers Building
321 Spruce St. 3rd Floor
Scranton, PA 18502
  (Arranged by Dave Schmidt for the NRC CPC.)

"...Due to antenna damage, the WAAT test scheduled for 12/18 has to be 
rescheduled for a later date. We had an ice storm go through the area on 
the 14th which damaged the antenna. Repairs should be made in the next 
few days but the TEST will have to be rescheduled for January." Dave

ADDRESS UPDATE.  Concerning the WJIB-740 DX test on 12/20/99, I have 
received mail from the station owner alerting me to the fact that the 
address given for QSLs was out of date (2 years old), and mail sent 

Mr. Bob Bittner
443 Concord Av
Cambridge, MA 02138
 And please remember to include a SASE with your reception report!

Saturday, January 1, 2000 - KSTN-1420, Stockton, CA will conduct a DX 
test from 12:00 am - ? am PST (3:00 am - ? EST). Request line - 
(209)948-1420 - will be open to go on the air with New Year's greetings. 
The format will be '70s disco music.  There will be a prize drawing from 
all reports received for a souvenir piece of the transmitter.  

  Reception reports may be sent to:
Mr. Paul Shinn
Chief Engineer
2171 Ralph Avenue
Stockton, CA 95206
  E-mail: KSTN@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
 (Arranged by Lynn Hollerman for the IRCA CPC.)

Sunday, January 9, 2000 - WFIF-1500, Milford, CT will conduct a DX test 
from 12:30 am - 12:45 am EST. The test will include tones, voice IDs, 
and Morse code IDs. Also note, International DX reports will ONLY be 
replied to via E-MAIL. For Domestic US reports only, they *MUST* include 
a SASE. Again, INTERNATIONAL reports will *ONLY* be responded to via E-

  Reception reports may be sent to:
Mr. William Barnett
WFIF Radio
90 Kay Ave.
Milford, CT 06460
  E-mail: WFIF@xxxxxxx
  WWW: http://www.lifechangingradio.com

Monday, January 17, 2000 - WVNE-760, Worchester, MA will conduct a DX 
test from 4:00 am - 5:00 am EST. The test will include tones, voice IDs, 
and Morse code IDs. Power will be 25 kW directional daytime pattern.

  Reception reports may be sent to:
Mr. Lincoln W. Hubbard (N1ATU)
Chief Engineer
52 Park View
Warwick, RI 02888
  (Please note: Use this address for QSLs!)
  E-mail: wvne@xxxxxxx
 (Arranged by Lynn Hollerman for the IRCA CPC.)

Sunday, January 23, 2000 - KTNS-1090, Oakhurst, CA will conduct a DX 
test from 9:00pm-10:00pm PST (12:00 am-1:00 am EST). The test will 
consist of "Music of your life". The test will be run at KTNS's full 
daytime power of 1000 watts and a non-directional antenna pattern will 
be used.

  Reception reports may be sent to:
Mr. Larry W. Gamble
General Manager
40356 Oak Park Way
Oakhurst, CA 93612
  Email: mtkaat@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
 (Arranged by Lynn Hollerman for the IRCA CPC.)

Sunday, January 30, 2000 - WMAL-630, Washington, DC will conduct a DX 
test from 1:00 am - 1:30 am EST. The test will consist of Morse code Ids 
inserted into regular programming at the top of the hour. According to 
CE John Butler, the station will be running "When Radio Was" at this 
time, an anthology of classic radio shows.

  Reception reports may be sent to:
Mr. John Butler
4400 Jenifer St. NW
Washington, DC 20015
  Email: John.C.Butler@xxxxxxx
 (Arranged by Lynn Hollerman for the IRCA CPC.)

Monday, January 30, 2000 - WILM-1450, Wilmington, DE will conduct a DX 
test from 1:00 am - 3:00 am EST. The test will include a combination of 
tones, sirens, and unique music, all correlated to specific times, and 
will run during the test time except for a brief period after the top of 
each hour.  A special millenium QSL, which may be seen in the January 
2000 PopCom, will be issued.  Prepaid phone calls at 302-656-8134 will 
be accepted, and reception reports with a SASE are preferred. 

  Reception reports may be sent to:
Mr. Allen Loudell
Program Director
1215 French St.
Wilmington, DE 19801
 (Arranged by Allen Loudell for the NRC CPC.)

If you hear a test, PLEASE, PLEASE let me know, via either e-mail or in 
rec.radio.shortwave! And if you send a reception report to a station, 
please remember to include return postage with your report...


I may have another DX test for us - WVNE-760 in Leichester, MA (mailing 
address is in Warwick, RI, tho). The CE, Linclon Hubbard, tells me that 
his station's 25kW is mainly directed out to sea, and that the signal to 
the SW is blocked by WJR. I have tried to contact WJR and see if they'd 
go off for an hour while WVNE tested, like WGN-720 did for KUAI-720 back 
in 1992, but I haven't heard from WJR. Can anyone on this list help me 
with this? Anyone know anyone at WJR?
Thanks... Lynn.

Here's the results of the most recent DX test that have been received 

WMIB-1660, Marco Island, FL tested Sunday, November 28, 1999 from 12:00-
4:00 am EST:

Gordon Bell (WA2YQY), near Troy, NY (upstate NY) heard the test pretty 
well on a Kenwood R-5000 w/random wire. David Cox in Birmingham, AL 
heard this test from 0321-0337 EST with a poor to fair signal, about the 
same as the signal from WQSN in MI. Tom Jasinski in Shorewood, IL 
reports he heard this test well. Bob Smolarek says the WMIB test made it 
to his QTH in High Bridge, NJ. Brian (SuperCFL@xxxxxxx) in Greensboro, 
NC says he heard the test pretty well with WWRU-NJ dominant at times and 
WQSN underneath. Peter Scherwat in Sweden reports he heard WMIB at his 
location, so well that he was able to call the station on his cell phone 
after hearing the phone number announced! Jeffdeck@xxxxxxx in Columbus, 
OH reports he was able to receive the WMIB test under WQSN-MI. Also, 
Jerry Bond in Rochester, NY reports he heard the test from 0120-0230 EST 
and up until about 0200, WMIB was mostly under WQSN and WRRU, but then 
WMIB's signal was often dominant.


Mike Stonebridge in St. Isidore, AB, Canada, tried for the test, but 
only heard KXOL, as was the case for Chuck Boehnke in Keaau, HI, Frank 
Aden (N7SOK) in Boise, ID, and Ragnar Danneskjold in Mesa, AZ, tho 
Ragnar reports he also picked up KRZX. Patrick Martin in Seaside, OR, 
also heard mainly KXOL, as well as some stations he was unable to 
identify. Pat Griffith in Westminster, CO says he heard mainly a 
dominant KXOL, as well as an UNID with sports talk (perhaps MI?), and a 
loud het that lasted a few minutes at 0000 and mixed with the other 
signals on his Kenwood R-600 w/Palomar loop.




Sheldon Harvey - ve2shw@xxxxxxxxx

   12/4.  Thanks to a tip from Bill Westenhaver of Montreal earlier this 
morning, Info 690, 690 kHz. has once again changed the tape loop running 
on the frequency. New call letters are now being given for the station: 
CINF presumably in reference to Inforadio. Nothing confirmed yet with 
Industry Canada and/or CRTC here in Canada to determine if these are 
legal call letters.
   12/8.  I learned this morning, direct from Jim Connell of 940 News 
that the station has received authorized call letters of CINW, and that 
the CINF call letters being used for the past few days on Info 690 are 
also now legal.
   According to Gazette Radio & TV columnist Mike Boone in his column 
today, the all-news format for 940 News and Info 690 will begin on 
Tuesday, December 14, at 11 AM Eastern time (1600 UTC).
   12/15.  I took a look at the webpages of 940 News and Info 690, our 
two new all-news radio stations in Montreal. The "Under Construction" 
panels are gone and some information, albeit limited, is now available 
on the pages.
   First the two URLs
940 News - http://www.940news.com
Info 690 - http://www.info690.com
   The information on both sites is very basic. Each page has a link to 
the other station. One interesting piece of information appearing on 
both pages is the notation that they are broadcasting on the two most 
powerful AM frequencies in Canada.
   I think a few other stations across the country might have something 
to say about that!
   On the 940 News site, there are links to CNN Radio and to Bloomberg 
   On the Info 690 site, there is just one link. That is to AFP- Agence 
France Presse, which further down on the page is noted as being the 
station's source of international news.
   Of particular interest on the Info 690 site is the mention that LCN 
will be available on the station from 10 PM to 5 AM Eastern, Monday to 
Friday, and from 10 PM to 6 AM on Saturday and Sunday.
   LCN is the all-news French language cable TV service of the TVA 
television network in Montreal. This confirms rumours which were 
circulating that the LCN network audio feed might replace Info 690 
programming during the overnight period.
   The launch of the two all-news stations went on as planned on Tuesday 
morning, December 14, at 11 AM Eastern, with really little fanfare. 940 
News was a little bit more ambitious than Info 690 with their 
introductory kick-off. Both stations now seemed to have settled down 
into the half-hour news wheel format.
   A lot of self promotion was done on the first day of broadcasting, 
with the story of the start up of the stations appearing in most of the 
hourly newscasts.
   Again, the official call letters of the two stations are CINW 940 
News, and CINF Info 690. The simulcasts are appearing on 600 and 850 
kHz., the former CIQC and CKVL stations.
   Metromedia CMR, owners of the stations, have received authorization 
from the CRTC to simulcast for a period of up to six months. Whether 
they will do so remains to be seen.
   On a final note, I received a few phone calls from some people who 
thought they were hearing other stations coming in behind the signals of 
the two services. Actually what is happening is that the stations have 
decided to employ sound effects behind several of the featured items on 
the station. At times there are what sound to be newswire teletype 
sounds in the background. At other times, there are sounds of people 
talking, plus other background sounds and effects, I assume to create 
the image of a "busy" place. Interesting, but somewhat annoying after 
some time.
   Any other observations, comments, etc. from any of you would be 
   Bill Westenhaver and myself will be reviewing and commenting on the 
start up of these services on the International Radio Report, Sunday 
morning at 10:30 AM Eastern, on CKUT-FM 90.3 MHz. Radio McGill, or live 
on the Web via RealAudio at <http://www.ckut.ca>


**Eric Bueneman - Hazelton MO - N0UIHEric@xxxxxxx

(ST. LOUIS, MO) -- 1380 is back on the air after a short period of 
silence. It had been a local-oriented jazz format as KZJZ. The new calls 
are KSLG, and the new format is Southern Gospel, via satellite from 
Reach. News on the hour comes from USA. No new address yet.


Robert Wien - San Jose Ca - rjwmail@xxxxxxxxx 

1090 Seattle is now KMPS, ex-KRPM...




Chris Martin - Ormeau QLD - MartinCG@xxxxxxxxxxx

Australia's newest X Bander has commenced on 1620 kHz from the 
Whitsunday region of Qld with 400 watts. The Licencee is Coral Coast 
Christian Broadcasting Assoc who are calling themselves ' Reef Rhema'. 
Manager of the station is John Robert-Shaw with address as P.O.Box 202 
Bowen 4805 Qld. Phone 0747863300.Their transmitter is located beside the 
Proserpine - Airlie Beach Rd at Cannonvale Queensland.


Pat Martin - Seaside OR - mwdxer@xxxxxxxxx

There is a new TIS operated by the City of Menlo Park, CA testing on 
1670 khz. Hrd weaking on the OR Coast this morning.

1670  TIS   CA, MENLO PARK, new TIS Testing here, operated by the City 
       of Menlo Park, repeated message at 1000 EST 12/9/99. New. (PM-OR)

Bob Pietsch - marbob@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

I heard this new TIS today, it's about 15 miles down the road from me. 
Comes in pretty strong here. Part of the test message was a request for 
people who hear them to call in and let them know where they live, 
quality of the signal and time of day heard. The number is (650) 858-
3306 - I'm sure it'll blow their mind to know they're being heard in 
Oregon. This phone number is for Commander Dominic Peloso of the Menlo 
Park Police Department, so should probably be the source for veries. 
Their call letters are WPNR210. 


Charles C Boehnke - Keauu HI - kale@xxxxxxxx

A new TIS type station is testing at this very moment (1225 UTC Sunday 
12/12/99)) on 1610 kHz from an unknown location in Hawaii.  It is 
relaying Weather Station KBA99 with the flood warnings due to the bad 
weather we have been having, heavy rains etc. Every 30 seconds a make 
voice interrupts the broadcast with "Testing, one, two, three, four, 
five"!   First time heard here. Signal is good but with fades so I doubt 
it is local or very close to me. Possibly it is a special transmission 
because of the weather conditions, or it might be a new service. If it 
is new, it would be Hawaii's second TIS type as there is one on 530 kHz 
at Hawaii Volcano National Park here on the Big Island which I hear 


Pat Martin - Seaside OR - mwdxer@xxxxxxxxx

Is anyone hearing a new TIS testing on 1680 khz in the Northwest? The 
name is "North Star Information Radio". It is strongest off my NNW 
Beverage, which it is either coming from Western Washington or further 
North. I would guess. The signal was fairly decent for a while just 
before LSR. Any help would be appreciated.

Per my earlier posting. My UNID TIS station is the North Star Ski Resort 
at Lake Tahoe, CA. They are running test messages with 10 watts.

1680  TIS   CA, San Mateo County? Probably the new one running SF NOAA 
       Wx radio at 0200 EST 12/17 mixing with Northstar-Lake Tahoe.

1680  TIS   CA, LAKE TAHOE, E Mail QSL rec. in 3 hours  from: Bob 
       Hamilton- Sales Dept. 10 watts. operated by the North Star Ski 
       Resort. Address: bhamilton.ns@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx (PM-OR)

Albert Lehr - Livermore, CA - alehr@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

I heard the same 1680 kHz TIS here in the Bay Area with a weak signal 
just after Midnight PST 12/14/99 and again with daytime skywave at 1530 
PST.  I get a loop bearing of about 45 degrees.  Maybe it's the 
Northstar Ski Resort at Lake Tahoe.




Nigel Pimblett - Medicine Hat AB - ntp@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Interesting reception on 530 khz around 0200 UTC December 18th:

Three separate stations in Lincoln County, MT heard with short tape 
loops for  "a test of the Lincoln County Emergency Preparedness Radio 
System". Locations were given as Libby, Troy, and Eureka.  The tape 
loops, though similar, had differences in wording.  The Libby one used a 
female announcer, and the other two employed males.  The Libby one was 
the strongest, though the others would dominate at times.


Pat Martin - Seaside OR - mwdxer@xxxxxxxxx

 580  CKUA  AB, EDMONTON, good w/ID for CKUA AM & FM at 1100 EST 12/3, 
       Jazz promos, etc. (PM-OR)
 890  KBBI  AK, HOMER. fair w/Alaska News w/Homer weather at 1107 EST 
       12/6. (PM-OR)
 990  KTMS  CA, Santa Barbara, good on top w/spots, and ID at 0050.45 
       EST. "......and the news is next on KTMS  Santa Barbara"  12/14. 
1150  KAGO  OR, KLAMATH FALLS, now relaying KGO-810, at least part of 
       the time. Hrd // with KGO except for a 2 sec delay at 2345 EST 
       12/5. Prob picking it off phone lines at audio quaity was 
       terrible. Promos for local talk shows. First I thought Santa Rosa 
       was running it, but then heard KAGO IDs. (PM-OR)
1230  KZZR  OR, BURNS, good on top w/C&W mx with KVAS totally phased out 
       w/ANC-4  "All your Country favorites on KZZR" into C&W mx at 0310 
       EST 12/13. (PM-OR)
1240  KWIK  ID, POCATELLO, fair in jumble with "AM 1240 KWK" IS at 0256 
       EST 12/15. (PM-OR)
1240  KSUE  CA, SUSANVILLE fair on top at 0559.45 EST 12/15 w/ID "News 
       Talk 1240, KSUE Susanville" (PM-OR)
1240  KQEN  OR, ROSEBURG fair in jumble w/ ID mixing w/KSUE, as "KQEN 
       Roseburg" at 0559.50 EST 12/15 (PM-OR)
1300  KLER  ID, OROFINO, good w/local Sports news "on KLER" at 1102 EST 
       12/6 (PM-OR)
1320  KGDC  WA, WALLA WALLA excellent w/local nx and spots, woman ment 
       KGDC at 1052 EST  12/6. (PM-OR
1330  KWLO  IOWA, WATERLOO  fair on top off and on with NOS format, ID 
       as "KWLO" and "Stars 13-30" a lot of Christmas tunes at 0145 EST 
       12/12 (PM-OR)
1330  KFH   KANSAS, WICHITA  good on top w/ "1330 KFH" ID, and also what 
       sounded like "Hot Talk 13-30", running Hilly Rose, sitting in for 
       Art Bell at 0215 EST 12/12, QRM (PM-OR)
1330  WMNN  MINNESOTA, MPLS  good on top but trading places with others, 
       IDs as "News Radio 1330, MNN, Weather at 0215, mixing w/KFH 12/12 
1330        OHIO??? station popping up with news story on "Toledo 
       couple" at 0202 EST 12/12. Sounded local or regional news, but 
       soon lost in jumble. (PM-OR)
1330  UNID  CNN NX at 0220 EST 12/12, topping channel briefly (PM-OR)
1330  UNID  second NOS station mixing with KWLO at 0223 EST 12/12, 
       playing Frank Sinatra Christmas song. (PM-OR)
1340  KWVR  OR, ENTERPRISE, good w/cluster of local spots at 1132 EST  
       12/3, mention of "KWVR" into C&W mx. (PM-OR)
1340  CIBQ  AB, BROOKS, good on top at 1115 EST 12/3 w/buy and sell 
       program, trivia questions, mention on mall in Brooks. Best heard 
       in a long time. (PM-OR)
1340  KATA  CA, ARCATA, good w/ID at 2259.45 EST 12/5 "KATA Arcata" 
       Usual pest. (PM-OR)
1400  KRPL  ID, MOSCOW, on top briefly mentioning "right here on KRPL 
       radio, then lost u/mess at 1129 EST 12/3 (PM-OR)
1400  KSPT  ID, SANDPOINT, w/ID ".....with talk, news, KSPT radio...." 
       at 1120 EST 12/3.  (PM-OR) 
1400  KJDY  OR, JOHN DAY good on top w/Trivia contest at 1047 EST 12/6 
1400  KNND  CA, Cottage Grove fair on top w "Your home town station KNND 
       Cottage Grove" at 0259.45 EST 12/14. (PM-OR)
1450  KVEN  CA, VENTURA hrd on top briefly with what sounded like ESPN 
       Sports talk followed by a promo for www.kven.com at 0058 EST 
       12/5. New. Reported. (PM-OR)
1450  KCLX  WA, Colfax good w/KCLX wx at 1138 EST 12/3 from the local 
       weather bureau //840 and FM (PM-OR)
1450  KGRZ  MT, MISSOULA, w/ID at 2306 EST 12/5  "Right here on KGRZ..." 
       Haven't heard this in a while. (PM-OR)
1450  KEST/KOBO  CA, SAN FRANCISCO / YUBA CITY, with dual ID at 2159 EST 
       12/5, apparently // with each other. (PM-OR)
1460  KLTC  NORTH DAKOTA, Dickinson, totally topping KMWX with C&W mx, 
       ID at 0259.45 EST 12/12 "This is Real Country's KLTC-Dickinson" . 
1490  KCID  ID, CALDWELL at 1040 EST 12/6, good w/wxcast (PM-OR)
1490  KEYG  WA, GRAND COULEE good on top with "1490, KEYG, Grand Coulee" 
       at 0259.50 EST 12/15. (PM-OR)
1610 WPXA508 CA, REDDING  hrd on top with Cal Trans info on Hy 299 at 
       2330 EST 12/10. (PM-OR)
1670  TIS   CA, MENLO PARK, good w/area info and phone number to call at 
       0225 EST 12/15  (PM-OR)
1680  TIS   CA, LAKE TAHOE very good w/ID as "North Star" (Ski Resort) 
       Test message at 1000 EST 12/14. Was in as late at 1400 EST. This 
       one really gets out. (PM-OR)


 945  SOLOMON ISLANDS, Gizo fair in 940-950 splah with man in EE/Native 
       talk  Children group singing, mentions of "Solomon Islands 
       Broadcasting from Gizo. Haven't hrd this one in years.  at 1020 
       UTC 12/13. (PM-OR)
1701t AUSTRALIA, Sydney, 2NTC probably the one with non-stop C&W mx at 
       1155 to 1235 UTC 12/19. There were jingles, in between the music, 
       but very hard to understand. At 1220, the ID sounded like letters 
       "N...C", several songs heard, Dolly Parton, Patsy Cline, etc., 
       QRM from Brisbane. (PM-OR)

Drake R8 - 1500' Eastern Beverage Term, Term EWE antenna, 200 foot EWE 
antenna, 900' NNW Beverage, ANC4, w/1500" Eastern Beverage & 40 foot 


Larry Russell - ak473@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Dec99 dxpedition selected logs Excellent MW dxpedition, 8 new catches.
  dxing in Brighton MI., 6800W, 300' longwire, spiral loop.

 740  WRPQ  Baraboo WI 0933-0936 12/4 mx by madonna, other ezyl pop, 
       "this is WRPQ Baraboo." "WRPQ ...AM stereo". Baraboo sounded like 
       'fairiboo'. (Russell-dxp)
 740  WIRJ  Humboldt TN 1000 12/4 ID, "Another hour of - oldies - WIRJ 
       Humboldt". Humboldt sounded like trumbolt. (Russell-dxp)
 740  unid  0940 12/4 "Real Jazz 740" slogan, jazz mx. (possibly Newport 
       KY -only one listed as jazz format.) (Russell-dxp)
 830  WEEU  Reading PA 2252 12/4 "WEEU in Reading" heard under WCCO 
       thanks to Frodge tip.  Used to be on 850. (Russell-dxp)
 860  WNOV  Milwaukee WI 1630 12/4 local community pgm with religious 
       bent, and info on where to get low-cost dental care from 
       students. ID at 1702 "We are the power, WNOV, the Source". No 
       mention of city in ID.  My longwire was in just right direction, 
       as Frodge could not hear this with his 500 foot wires and Icom. 
       fair signal. (Russell-dxp)
 910  WSUI  Iowa City IA 0950 12/5 BBC World Service, ID WSUI Iowa City/ 
       Cedar Rapids. WSUI sounded like WFUY. (Russell-dxp)
 920  TIS   Detroit Metro Airport 1620 12/4 Wayne County TIS for Detroit 
       Metro Airport. Talk about planned new terminal, parking lot 
       logistics: green yellow red lines; which airlines fly to which 
       terminal. Thanks to a previous DXP log by Frodge. (Russell-dxp)
1090  WCARt Livonia MI promo for 1090 and 1600 "unforgettable songs and 
       unforgettable memories". Heard both in parallel. (Russell-dxp)
1120  WPRX  Bristol CT 2326-0037+ Spanish pgm with fast talk. Mentions 
       of Puerto Rica to confuse things. Mentions of Hartford and 
       Connectico. Finally got ID on tape. This was the catch of the 
       dxpedition, as no one else could get a trace of it, and I had it 
       booming in over KMOX on my 300' longwire. Much of the time, there 
       was no trace of KMOX, while others heard only KMOX. Apparently a 
       few degrees in antenna direction can sometimes make a huge 
       difference, as there were 2 other antennas in the same general 
       direction. Absolutely Stunning! 12/4 (Russell-dxp)
1230  WSOO  Sault Saint Marie MI 1400 12/5 ID (Russell-dxp)
1230  unid  0936 12/5 "Radio Disney". (Russell-dxp)
1440  WJJL  Niagara Falls NY 2233 12/4 Polka mx show, promo for "Polish 
       American Journal", JJL and WJJL ids. (Russell-dxp)
1550  unid  2205 12/4 Spanish over CBE, gone by 2215. One of these years 
       I will ID this dx bait. (Russell-dxp)


Mark Connelly - WA1ION@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

[Connelly*O-MA] = South Orleans, Cape Cod, MA (GC= 69.991 W / 41.735 N)
(Town Landing, off Route 28, 0.3 km N of Tar Kiln Road)
Homepage = http://members.aol.com/MarkWA1ION/weblink.htm
NF DXpedition Page = http://members.xoom.com/MarkWA1ION/nfdxpage.htm
RF circuit page: http://www.qsl.net/wa1ion/index.html
Receiver: Drake R8A

Antenna systems: 30-m wire (running east), MFJ-1024 active whip, 
Superphaser-1 phasing unit


 558  SPAIN  RNE5 synchros, DEC 12 2326 - SS talk; in WGAN slop. 
 567  IRELAND  RTE, Tullamore, DEC 12 2326 - "Stand By Me" by Ben E. 
       King from 1961; good. [Connelly*O-MA]
 576  CANARY ISLANDS // SPAIN  RNE5 synchros, DEC 12 2325 - SS talk; 
       over other. [Connelly*O-MA]
 585  SPAIN  RNE1, Madrid, DEC 12 2324 - fast SS talk by man; just 
       slightly stronger than Tunisia-585.25. [Connelly*O-MA]
 585.25  TUNISIA  ERTT, Gafsa, DEC 12 2323 - AA vocal, 250 Hz het 
       against Spain-585.0. [Connelly*O-MA]
 612  IRELAND  Athlone, DEC 12 2321 - man & woman in EE; under Morocco. 
 612  MOROCCO  Sebaa-Aioun, DEC 12 2321 - emotional male AA vocal & 
       drumming; atop Ireland. [Connelly*O-MA]
 621  CANARY ISLANDS // SPAIN  RNE1 synchros, DEC 12 2319 - SS talk; in 
       Cuba/WZON slop. [Connelly*O-MA]
 639  SPAIN  RNE1, La Coruna, DEC 12 2317 - a bit of SS talk; getting 
       dumped on by Cuba/CBN-640 mix. [Connelly*O-MA]
 675  NETHERLANDS  R. Ten Gold, Lopik, DEC 13 0011 - Dutch talk, into 
       Buddy Holly song "It Doesn't Matter Any More"; fair to good. 
 684  SPAIN  RNE1, Sevilla, DEC 12 2310 - SS news mentioning the 
       military; huge signal. [Connelly*O-MA]
 693  UNITED KINGDOM  BBC, Droitwich et al., DEC 12 2308 - news item 
       about a car that went into a river, then an item about the 
       International Olympic Committee corruption investigation; good. 
 693.7  AZORES  RDP, Santa Barbara  DEC 12 2309 - bits of music, het 
       against stronger UK-693. [Connelly*O-MA]
 711.04  WESTERN SAHARA  Laayoune, DEC 13 0015 - bits of AA vocal music, 
       through tough Cuba slop. [Connelly*O-MA]
 729  SPAIN  RNE1 synchros, DEC 12 2306 - // 774 with SS news; fair to 
       good. [Connelly*O-MA]
 738  SPAIN  RNE1, Barcelona, DEC 13 0018 - SS talk by woman; in CHCM 
       slop. [Connelly*O-MA]
 765  SWITZERLAND  RSR, Sottens, DEC 12 2305 - Radio Suisse Romande 
       mentioned by woman in FF, then light instrumental music with 
       classical influences; very good. [Connelly*O-MA]
 774  SPAIN  RNE1 synchros, DEC 12 2303 - SS news; good, over one or 
       more AA station. [Connelly*O-MA]
 792  SPAIN  SER, Sevilla, DEC 12 2300 - // 1044 with news with segment 
       of SS speech / public address; fair. [Connelly*O-MA]
 836  AZORES  RDP, Pico da Barrosa, DEC 12 2259 - man in PP; fair. 
 837  CANARY ISLANDS // SPAIN  COPE synchros, DEC 12 2258 - SS teletalk 
       // 1296; slightly over a pile-up of others and het from Azores-
       836. [Connelly*O-MA]
 846  ITALY  Rome, DEC 12 2257 - soft piano music; slopped. 
 855  SPAIN  RNE1, Murcia et al., DEC 12 2253 - // 864 with woman in SS; 
       fair to good. [Connelly*O-MA]
 864  EGYPT  Santah, DEC 13 0019 - Koranic male vocal; fair. 
 864  SPAIN  RNE1, Socuellamos, DEC 12 2253 - // 855 with SS talk by 
       woman; poor. [Connelly*O-MA]
 873  SPAIN  SER synchros, DEC 12 2254 - // 1044 with brief segment of 
       music, then high-speed talk by man in SS; fair to good. 
 882   UNITED KINGDOM, BBC Wales, Washford, DEC 13 0023 - EE interview; 
       poor to fair. [Connelly*O-MA]
 891  ALGERIA  Algiers, DEC 12 2251 - AA vocal at low audio level on 
       good carrier. [Connelly*O-MA]
 909  UNITED KINGDOM  BBC, Moorside Edge et al., DEC 12 2249 - EE 
       discussion; to fair peak, over WABI/CHRL slop. [Connelly*O-MA]
 954  SPAIN  R. Espana, Madrid, DEC 12 2248 - SS teletalk over SAH and 
       bits of audio from a Mideast-sounding station (Turkey or Qatar ?) 
 963  PORTUGAL  R. Renascenca, Seixal, DEC 12 2247 - PP talk; mixed with 
       others (likely Spain/Tunisia). [Connelly*O-MA]
 981  ALGERIA  Radiodif. Algerienne, Algiers, DEC 12 1928 - powerhouse 
       het against WCAP on the car radio at pre-sunset fade-up. 
     + DEC 12 2245 - man in AA at light audio level on monster carrier. 
1035  PORTUGAL  R. Nacional, Lisboa, DEC 13 0028 - romantic PP vocal; 
       poor to fair. [Connelly*O-MA]
1044  MOROCCO  Sebaa-Aioun, DEC 12 2243 - rustic violins and Berber-
       style screaming vocal; strong, over SER-Spain. [Connelly*O-MA]
1044  SPAIN  SER synchros, DEC 12 2254 - // 873 with fast SS talk; under 
       Morocco. [Connelly*O-MA]
1053  MOROCCO  Tanger, DEC 12 2242 - AA strings, drums, vocal; over Talk 
       Radio UK. [Connelly*O-MA]
1053  UNITED KINGDOM  Talk Radio synchros, DEC 12 2242 - man & woman in 
       EE; under Morocco. [Connelly*O-MA]
1071  SPAIN  EI, Bilbao, DEC 12 2240 - emotional SS ballad; just getting 
       by strong CBA. [Connelly*O-MA]
1098  SPAIN  RNE5 synchros, DEC 13 0030 - // 684 with man in SS; to fair 
       peak. [Connelly*O-MA]
1107  SPAIN  RNE5 synchros, DEC 13 0030 - SS talk; over low growl from 
       something slightly off channel. [Connelly*O-MA]
1134  CROATIA  HR, Zadar, DEC 12 2233 - mellow vocal and instrumental; a 
       little bit over Spain. [Connelly*O-MA]
1179  CANARY ISLANDS // SPAIN  SER synchros, DEC 13 0031 - SS talk in 
       jumble; poor. [Connelly*O-MA]
1224  SPAIN  COPE synchros, DEC 12 2224 - SS talk; slightly over rough 
       growl. [Connelly*O-MA]
1251  LIBYA  Tripoli, DEC 12 2223 - group AA chant; to good peak, way 
       over unID talker. [Connelly*O-MA]
1296  SPAIN  COPE, Valencia, DEC 12 2222 - fast SS talk; fair, over unID 
       station with AA-sounding music. [Connelly*O-MA]
1305  SPAIN  RNE5 synchros, DEC 12 2221 - SS talk with some synchro-
       echo. [Connelly*O-MA]
1385.92  GUINEA  Labe, DEC 12 2220 - African-accented FF talk by man; 
       poor to fair. [Connelly*O-MA]
1467  FRANCE  TWR, Roumoules, DEC 12 2207 - Christmas choral music; to 
       fair peak through slop. [Connelly*O-MA]
1521  SAUDI ARABIA  BSKSA, Duba, DEC 12 1925 - pre-sunset het fade-up. 
     + DEC 12 2200 - man in AA, then interlude of AA string music; fair 
       to good over SER-Spain. [Connelly*O-MA]
1548  KUWAIT  VOA, Kuwait City, DEC 13 0038 - VOA "special" (slow) EE 
       talk mentioning Hong Kong; fair. [Connelly*O-MA]
1575  KUWAIT  CLANDESTINE, Al Mustaqbal, DEC 12 2355 - AA vocal, 
       strings, drums; over Spain. [Connelly*O-MA]
1583.65  CEUTA  RadiOle, DEC 12 2353 - bits of SS music, mostly just a 
       het. [Connelly*O-MA] 
1602  SPAIN  EI, Vitoria, DEC 12 2354 - SS talk (non-SER); poor. 


 535  GRENADA  GBC, St. George's, DEC 13 0004 - very good with US 
       preacher talking about family arguments. [Connelly*O-MA]
 550  VENEZUELA  Mundial, YVKE, Caracas, DEC 13 0003 - Mundial ID; 
       slightly over other Latin Americans. [Connelly*O-MA]
 555  ST. KITTS & NEVIS  ZIZ, Basseterre, DEC 12 2327 - "Oh Holy Night" 
       sung by a male vocalist in a black gospel style; excellent. 
 570  DOMINICAN REPUBLIC  R. Cristal, HIMS, Santo Domingo, DEC 13 0006 - 
       R. Cristal mention; under Reloj-Cuba. [Connelly*O-MA]
 580  COLOMBIA  DEC 12 2359 - "R. Monteria" mentions and an HJ call, not 
       sure if the actual ID of this station or a different network 
       affiliate (with this one probably the listed HJHP Cali). 
 600  CUBA  R. Rebelde, CMKV, Urbano Noris,  DEC 12 2322 - SS talk (//
       710) about "Guantanamo ... provincia oriental"; huge. 
 630  PUERTO RICO  WSKN, San Juan, DEC 12 2319 - phone-in SS talkshow 
       with local mentions, then announcer used EE expression "Y2K" and 
       laughed; way over CFCY & WPRO. [Connelly*O-MA]
 650  COLOMBIA  RCN Antena Dos, HJKH, Bogota, DEC 13 0008 - SS talk 
       about Colombian 'loteria', then RCN Antena Dos ID; loud. 
 660  CUBA  R. Progreso, CMHG, Santa Clara, DEC 12 2316 - almost 
       operatic SS male vocal // 890; over WFAN. 
     + DEC 13 0010 - // 890 with Strauss waltz; huge, totally dominant. 
 670  CUBA  R. Rebelde, CMQ, Arroyo Arenas, DEC 12 2331 - dominant with 
       SS talk about events in Cuba. [Connelly*O-MA]
 680  PUERTO RICO  WAPA, San Juan, DEC 12 2311 - SS baseball coverage 
       with mentions of Puerto Rican cities including Caguas; atop WRKO. 
 690  ANGUILLA  Caribbean Beacon, The Valley, DEC 12 2332 - EE preaching 
       (// 6090) about the need to spread the word of God; loud. 
       Montreal not noted (though audible a couple of hours later on the 
       car radio on Route 6). [Connelly*O-MA]
 700  COLOMBIA  R. Net, HJCX, Cali, DEC 13 0013 - // 810 with SS sports; 
       dominant over Jamaica. [Connelly*O-MA]
 710  CUBA  R. Rebelde synchros, DEC 13 0014 - SS // other Rebelde 
       outlets; annihilating WOR. [Connelly*O-MA]
 750  VENEZUELA  RCR, YVKS, Caracas, DEC 12 2335 - Venezuelan SS 
       sportstalk; slightly over CBGY classical music. [Connelly*O-MA]
 770  COLOMBIA  RCN, HJJX, Bogota, DEC 12 2336 - // 760 with SS sports 
       play-by-play; huge, nearly alone on channel with barely a trace 
       of WABC. [Connelly*O-MA]
 800  NETHERLANDS ANTILLES  Trans-World Radio, PJB, Bonaire, DEC 12 2337 
       - SS religious talk by woman, then violin, piano, and celeste 
       mood music. [Connelly*O-MA]
 810  COLOMBIA  R. Net, HJCY, Bogota, DEC 12 2338 - frenetic SS sports 
       coverage; under Puerto Rico, no domestics noted. 
     + DEC 13 0013 - sports // 700; mixed with others. [Connelly*O-MA]
 810  PUERTO RICO  WKVM, San Juan, DEC 12 2338 - SS Puerto Rico mentions 
       and talk about the feast day of Our Lady of Guadalupe; atop 
       Colombia. [Connelly*O-MA]
 830  ST. KITTS & NEVIS  TBN, Basseterre, DEC 12 2340 - over domestics 
       with southern US preacher talked about relations and "blaming 
       things on everybody else". [Connelly*O-MA]
 890  CUBA  R. Progreso, CMDZ, Santiago de Cuba, DEC 13 0010 - Strauss 
       waltz // 640; local-like, 100% dominant. [Connelly*O-MA]
 895  ST. KITTS & NEVIS  VON, Bath Village, DEC 13 0009 - old-style soul 
       female vocal; excellent. [Connelly*O-MA] 
 900  CUBA  R. Progreso, DEC 13 0024 - // 890 with mellow vocal and 
       acoustic guitar; good. [Connelly*O-MA]
1040  DOMINICAN REPUBLIC  R. Cadena de Noticias, HION, Santo Domingo, 
       DEC 12 2244 -  Radio Cadena Noticias & Radionoticias mentions; 
       over jumble, domestics not noted. [Connelly*O-MA]
1080  VENEZUELA  R. Barcelona, YVQJ, Barcelona, DEC 12 2239 - 
       reverberated SS talk with Barcelona mention; over/under WTIC. 
1100  ANTIGUA  R. ZDK, St. John's, DEC 12 2238 - "Oh Come All Ye 
       Faithful" by a children's chorus, then Caribbean-EE preacher and 
       organ music; good, over WTAM/LA's. [Connelly*O-MA]
1170  unID  DEC 12 2231 - excited talk, possibly a sporting event, 
       through phase-nulled WWVA.  Language seemed to be an Africanized 
       version of either PP or FF, perhaps Haitian Creole.  Eventually 
       this was lost to Colombia & a second SS station. [Connelly*O-MA]
1210  VENEZUELA  R. Anzoategui, YVZT, Barcelona, DEC 13 0033 - several 
       Venezuela mentions; briefly dominant over WPHT, VOAR, and an 
       apparent Reloj Cuban. [Connelly*O-MA]


Mark Mohrmann - Coventry VT - mohrmannm@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

NRD 535D, LW 140m @120deg, 140m @240deg, 800m @75deg

 555  ST. KITTS & NEVIS ZIZ; Basseterre, Dec 4, 0246 presumed, EE Carib-
       accent announcer, over continuous dance music, telephone calls. 
       Fair to poor signal.  (Mohrmann-VT)
 570  CUBA R. Reloj - CMDC; Pilon, Dec 4, 0248 CW ID way under WMCA, 
       WSYR. (Mohrmann-VT)
 640  CUBA R. Progreso; , Dec 9, 0340 Nice ballads, poem by Uruguayan 
       poet, // 890 and +20dB over! (Mohrmann-VT)
 650  COLOMBIA RCN Antena 2 - HJKH; Bogota, Dec 10, 0022 Mixing with and 
       briefly over HIAT with ad and "RCN Antena 2" ID. Fair signal. 
 650  DOM. REP. R. Universal - HIAT; Santo Domingo, Dec 10, 0009 
       presumed, Mixing with RCN Antena 2 on top of WSM, mentions of 
       "Santo Domingo", ads for Castrol Lubricante, Autocleen, and 
       another unidentified ad which I recognized from Radio Villa on 
       4960 khz also from Santo Domingo. Into sports talk/commentary at 
       0020. (Mohrmann-VT)
 660  CUBA R. Progreso - CMHG; Santa Clara, Dec 2, 0302 SP vocal in WFAN 
       null, // 890, weak, poor signal. (Mohrmann-VT)
 670  CUBA R. Rebelde - CMQ; Arroyo Arenas, Dec 2, 0233 // 5025, weak 
       with deep fades in, out and under WMAQ. (Mohrmann-VT)
 700  JAMAICA RJR; Montego Bay, Dec 4, 0252 presumed, EE announcer with 
       dance music. rap promo, telephone calls, in WLW null. Fair 
       signal. (Mohrmann-VT)
 710  CUBA R. Rebelde; Dec 2, 0245 // 5025, weak fluttery beisbol in WOR 
       null. (Mohrmann-VT)
 750  VENEZUELA R. Caracas - YVKS; Caracas, Dec 4, 0256 Beisbol in WSB 
       null, ads for Banco Union and Arroz Primor. Good peak "RCR" 
       promo/ID. (Mohrmann-VT)
 759.77  CUBA R. Reloj; Dec 4, 0307 SP news and CW ID, weak under WJR. 
 760  COLOMBIA RCN - HJAJ; Barranquilla, Dec 9, 0347 "RCN" ID and news 
       in WJR null, fair signal. (Mohrmann-VT)
 830  CUBA R. Reloj; Holguin, Dec 9, 0352 Fluttery, weak SP talk, time 
       pips and CW ID under domestic religious station. (Mohrmann-VT)
 840  CUBA CMHW; Santa Clara, Dec 2, 0246 presumed, Beisbol in WHAS 
       null, NOT // Rebelde. Mentions of "Santa Clara". Nice peak at 
       0252. (Mohrmann-VT)
 850  CUBA R. Reloj; Baracoa, Dec 10, 0212 Weak CW ID way under WEEI. 
 880  CUBA R. Progreso - CMAF; Pinar del Rio, Dec 4, 0318 // 890 and 
       weak under WCBS. (Mohrmann-VT)
 890  CUBA R. Progreso - CMDZ; Santiago, Dec 2, 0258 SP vocal in WLS 
       null, good signal // 660. (Mohrmann-VT)
1000  COLOMBIA RCN - HJAQ; Cartagena, Dec 10, 0220 Futbol match between 
       Santa Fe and Caracas. //760, on top with good signal. 
1110  VENEZUELA R. Carupano - YVQT; Carupano, Dec 10, 0229 LA pop 
       ballads with ID between each song, in WBT null. Weak poor signal. 
1180  CUBA R. Rebelde; Villa Maria, Dec 10, 0235 Beisbol // 5025, fair 
       to poor in WHAM null. (Mohrmann-VT)


Guy Kudlemyer - Thurston OR - Gwkuddles@xxxxxxx

1670 WXKT502 CA, Menlo Park - 12/15 17:30 - Y2K and other disaster-
       preparedness and traffic-related info. "This is a message from 
       the city of Menlo Park..." "We have done everything possible to 
       assure we are ready..." Mentioned phone number "858-2206" for 
       more information. Near 100% readability on peaks, but long, deep 
       fades. Calls could be WFKC502 (?) (GK-OR)
1680  UNID  ??  12/15 17:45 - "This is a test of the remote (something) 
       information radio system located at 1680 on your AM dial. There 
       will be more information following as the system goes on-line,, 
       soon. Again, this is only atest." (GK-OR)

FRG-7, KIWA Loop, MFJ 752-C Audio Filter, 180 ft. longwire, G-3 


Gerry Thomas - Pensacola FL - radioplus@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

R8/Quantum Loop/Quantum Phaser

Pan-American DX

 530  UNID  Still a semi-regular here.  Noted with SS male singing 0259, 
       DEC 11 poor in RVC null. [Thomas-FL]
 535  GRENADA, St. George's.  Soft-spoken women in EE at poor/fair 
       level, 0127, DEC 11. [Thomas-FL]
 540  NICARAGUA, Managua.  YNOW noted in passing @ 2300, DEC 7 with ID 
       as "R. Nicaragua" (not Corporacion).  Poor under WQTM & WDAK. 
 550  JAMAICA, Montego Bay.  Fair with nice reggae at 0033, DEC 8. 
 555  UNID.  There's someone else here with ZIZ and causing a SAH. 
       Carrier detectable in ZIZ null and roughly looped Central America 
       /northern South America.  Absolutely no hope for audio. This @ 
       0145, DEC 10. [Thomas-FL]
 567.9  UNID.  Fair carrier with weak acoustic guitar.  Garble from 570 
       masked anything useful 0133, DEC 12.  [Thomas-FL]
 580  JAMAICA, Galina.  RJR atop @ 0010, DEC 8 with news about 
       firefighters.  [Thomas-FL]
 580.6   UNID.  Someone hetting the crowd on 580 @ 0158, DEC 10. 
 627.5   UNID.  This one finally produced some audio at 0212, DEC 12 but 
       not enough to even wager a guess. SS male singing and a well- 
       modulated SS male appeared for about 5 secs at this time. 
       Carrier is usually pretty good but readable audio is rare. 
 652.5  UNID.  The only time I've heard this one.  Male shouting in SS, 
       then a heartfelt ballad at 0223, DEC 10.  Quickly gone; hasty DF 
       says deep Central America /northern South America. [Thomas-FL]
 700  JAMAICA, Montego Bay. RJR battling WLW with local spots 0421, DEC 
       9.  Conditions very good to the south tonight.  [Thomas-FL]
 720  JAMAICA, Kingston.  One of the less frequent Jamaicans here.  JMC 
       fair under Cuba with phone-in show @ 0239, DEC 10. [Thomas-FL]
 730  TRINIDAD & TOBAGO (t), Port of Spain.  Popped on top for about 5 
       mins at 0335, DEC 9 with distinctive island music and accented EE 
       female.  No ID heard but DF agrees. [Thomas-FL]  
 765  UNID.  In every night with a poor/fair carrier and intermittent 
       audio.  Usually just a muffled SS male but plaintive SS singing 
       heard once.  Audible here 0200-0300 the week of DEC 5.  DF ranges 
       from 172-176 degrees and suggests any of a half dozen possible 
       QTHs.  [Thomas-FL]
 770  COLOMBIA, Bogota.  HJJX fair with R. Colombia ID (not RCN) at 
       0303, DEC 10. [Thomas-FL]
 800  NETHERLANDS ANTILLES, Bonaire. TWR good atop with EE announcer & 
       ID @ 0329, DEC 8.  Switched to SS at 0330.  [Thomas-FL]
 810  COLOMBIA, Bogota.  HJCY noted in passing at a super-loud level 
       with news and ID @ 0430, DEC 11. [Thomas-FL]
 900  MEXICO, Mexico City.  XEW good in Cuba null with female choral 
       singing at 0332, DEC 10.  [Thomas-FL]
1050  MEXICO, Monterrey.  XEG, La Gigante del Norte excellent in XEQOO 
       null 0345, DEC 10 with light Latin American music. [Thomas-FL]
1050.3  UNID.  Mark Connelly's unid carrier also noted at weak level and 
       being obliterated by XEG and XEQOO at 0346, DEC 10.  DF seemed to 
       be Honduras/Nicaragua but highly uncertain. [Thomas-FL]
1135  UNID.  A fair to good carrier appears here (along with a het from 
       Spain-1134) some nights between 0100-0400.  The only audio has 
       been an unintelligible, muffled SS male.  Signal is tightly 
       looped on Guatemala so I'm guessing that this is LV de la Costa 
       Sur, a station that was a semi-regular here the last time I DXed 
       seriously a couple of years ago (WRTH says it's on 1130, though). 
1466-1468  approx. UNIDS.  Over the past weeks, carriers have been noted 
       around here suggesting at least 3 different stations.  A station 
       heard on 1466.2 (DF 120 deg, Hispanola/PR) was almost good at 
       times with upbeat SS music including steel drum.  Noted a carrier 
       on 1468.1 later and thought the 1466.2 stn had drifted but both 
       faded up at the same time (along with a weak het from France 
       1467).  The 1468.1 produced audio (ment's of Valencia, Caracas, 
       Isla de Margarita, etc.), a DF of 123 deg., and a shouted, ID-
       like "Latina Radio" which suggested this was R. Latina, Valencia, 
       Venezuela.  More recently, a station has appeared on 1467.3 and 
       looped 142-deg.  This one does not sound commercial but rather 
       like a provincial Cuban flea-powered stn and DF points right at 
       Cardenas, Cuba (R. Ciudad Bandera, CMGE).  As of today, I haven't 
       heard the 1466.2 unid in weeks but the others make intermittent 
       appearances.  Anyone in southern Florida hearing these ? 


E-MAIL:  saxelrod@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


 690  CINF  QU Montreal -12/15 2202 - Poor signals under CBKF1  With 
       French language announcements. NEW!! (SA-MB)
 940  CINW  QU Montreal -12/12 0404- Poor signals under CJGX with 
       announcements about coming on air soon. NEW!! (SA-MB)
1640  KPBC OR Lake Oswego -12/11 2255- Poor signals u/WKSH and KDIA with 
       Religous programming. NEW!! (SA-MB)


1600  KSGO UT Centerville - 12/12 0820- Poor signals with Mexican music 
       and Spanish talk. New!! (SA-MB)

 Now that is a good week of DX four new stations... Snow arrived at long 
last Dec 13 and today winter showed up at -18C with -25C for tonight... 
knew it would not last.




**Charles A. Taylor - Grifton NC - calltaylor@xxxxxxxxxxx

 760        FL. Heard 1745-1800 EST 12/3 and 1800 12/4. UNIDed SS saying 
       "....y la costa de la Florida. Estan escuchando a la 7-60 AM...la 
       Mera Cera." Mix/variety with perhaps a preponderance of Carib 
       light vocals. Obviously Florida, but who? (CAT/NC)

**Lee Freshwater - Ocala FL - LFreshwate@xxxxxxx 

Your UNID on 760 is WLCC-Brandon. They run what they call Spanish 
Classic Hits. One of the better signals in Central Florida.




Greg D Myers - Richmond VA - gregmyers1@xxxxxxxx

 560  WMIK  KY, Middlesboro, N/d e-mail reply in 19d for snail mail rpt. 
       V/s. Michael G. Jones, Station Manager.
 810  WEDO  PA, McKeesport- f/d letter, schedule  in 7 days. V/s Ron 
       Zoscak, Operating Engineer
 980  WYFN  TN, Nashville- p/d letter, businees card, bumper sticker, 
       station promo material in 8 days. V/s Dave Mills, Mgr.
1230  WFAI  NC, Fayetteville- Nice full data letter in 6 d. V/s Jeffrey 
       M. Andrulonis, Pres./CEO
1330  WFIN  OH, Findlay,  F/d form letter in 11d. V/s D.Rund, ENGR.
1370  WJWS  VA, South Hill- p/d letter in 4 days. V/s Norm Talley, 
1410  WEGO  NC, Concord, F/d letter, sticker in 20d. V/s Bob Brown, 
1610  TIS  Camp Lejuene, NC Received an e-mail from the Radio& 
       Television Officer, Public Affairs stating they do not operate a 
       station on 1610/530 nor due they have facilities in place to do 
       so! I would appreciate any info anybody could supply as to a more 
       "informed" individual there.


Pat Martin - Seaside OR - mwdxer@xxxxxxxxx

 660  KEYZ  ND, WILLISTON, P.O. Box 2048, Williston  ND 58801-2048. rec 
       vq and letter in 300d for taped report of DX Test. V/S: Earl 
       Gross-CE  (PM-OR)
1350  KBID  CA, BAKERSFIELD  rec  nice vl in 15d for taped report. 1 KW, 
       addeess: 1400 Easton Drive  Ste. 144, Bakersfield  CA  93309. 
       V/S: Susan Pellerin-KBID Mgr. (PM-OR)
1503  DYBB  RGMA Network Inc, 2nd Fl, Oscar R. Arcenas Bldg, Roxas 
       Avenue, Roxas City, PHILIPPINES. letter w/$10 filipino bill and 
       two post cards in 64d. V/S: Ma. Carlota E. Degracia.  Philippine 
       #19  (PM-OR)
1570        CO, LOVELAND, rec ppc back in 14d signed by: Carl Lang(?)
       Op, Manager. Address: 1576 W First - Loveland  CO  80537. QSL 
       #2606. (PM-OR)
1640  KPBC  OR, LAKE OSWEGO rec letter in 5d  from  Lon C. Mathis-Op. 
       Mgr, ex KKJY. Address: 4700 SW Macadam  #102, Portland OR 97201. 
       MW QSL #2602
1670 WFKC502 CA, MENLO PARK, rec. nice letter from: Dominick Peloso - 
       Support Sercices Commander in 8d. Address: City of Menlo Park - 
       701 Laurel Street - Menlo Park  CA  94025-3483. 10 watts. (PM-OR)
1700  WAFN  FL, MIAMI, 8525 NW 53rd Terrace, Ste 109, Miami FL 33166. vl 
       in 10d for taped report. V/S: Cindy Roman (No title). (PM-OR)




Richard Toebe - Davis CA - richtoebe@xxxxxxx

The brand new phone directory for Sacramento shows the address for KLIB, 
"A Freedom Network Broadcasting Station", as:
3463 Ramona Ave., Suite 15
Sacramento CA 95826


Mark Connelly - WA1ION@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

An updated medium-wave bandscan from Cape Cod, MA, USA plus a link to 
earlier day and night scans may be accessed by going to " 
http://members.xoom.com/MarkWA1ION/capecod.htm ".

The (almost) final 1999 Newfoundland DXpedition report is available at " 
http://members.xoom.com/MarkWA1ION/nfdxpage.htm ". Click on the link 
that says "Final Report in HTML Format (subject to updates)".  Jean 
Burnell says that he has a few more tapes to review, but the major part 
of the report is now available.


Kent Winrich - kwin@xxxxxxxxxx

   I have my page set up from my visit to KFAN -1130 50kw Days - 6 
towers, 25kW nights - 9 towers.
   Included are pics of the tranmitters, phasor, and more.
   Wisconsin Radio Page http://www.execpc.com/~kwin/radio.html


Dennis Gibson - dcgibson@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

   A couple of weeks ago, I asked for any experiences with the Baygen 
Freeplay wind up radios. After getting no replies, I took a chance on 
one (the wind up and solar model). A local store had one for $10 less 
than everybody else and took off another 10% because they only had the 
demo left. I have been pleasantly surprised at its performance. It's no 
Superadio, but I didn't expect it would be. It's a good bet for anyone 
worried about Y2K. That's not why I bought it; I liked the wind up and 
solar power sources. Besides, there's no such thing as too many radios. 
I think after I've had a little more time with it, I'll write up a short 
review. If anyone is familiar with it but has been holding back because 
of the price ($79.99 almost everywhere), Amateur Electronic Supply 
http://www.aesham.com has them on sale for $59.99 (for either the wind 
up only model or the wind up and solar model). The biggest problem I 
have noticed after trying quite a few is a higher than desirable sample 
to sample variation in both build quality and performance (like the 
Superadio III). If you buy one, make sure you can return it. 


Pat Martin - Seaside OR -- mwdxer@xxxxxxxxx

New address:

301 South Polk Street #100
Amarillo  TX  79101
(806) 353-3500


Paul Ormandy - paulorm@xxxxxxxx

Here is the URL for a Latin religious broadcasting organisation ALER... 
there are quite a number of e-mail addresses for various stations under 
the Affiliates (Nuestras Afiliadas) listing by country.


and there as another station list with e-mails at the CNR site:


   A brief history of recent Turks & Caicos b'casting from resident 
James Mills..

   The Atlantic Beacon was the original MW station on South Caicos (my 
home island). This station changed hands three times and is currently 
owned by a religious organisation based in Patterson, New Jersey, U.S.A. 
The solid state Nautel Transmitter was upgraded to 100KW fed into a 425 
feet tower beaming SSW towards South and Central America. The station is 
housed in the old U.S. Coast Guard Loran Station transmitter building. 
The U.S. Coast Guard left in 1980. The station is fully automated. All 
programs are produced in Patterson and satellite fed to the transmitter 
on South Caicos. During the third sale of this station, the name was 
changed to R. Vision Chrsitiana. This station is manned by a sole 
employee who maintains the transmitter, asnwers the phone and replies to 
reception reports.
   The Caribbean Christian Radio transmitter is owned by West Indies 
Broadcasting Ltd. a locally registered Turks and Caicos company with 
shares held by an American and a local islander. The old 20KW 
Continental transmitter has been out of service for several months. The 
Government leases their 5KW FM transmitter to relay Radio Turks and 
Caicos, the local national station. R. Turks and Caicos used to operate 
on 1460khz MW but ceased about five years ago due to severe roof damage 
to the studio/transmitter building. They do not have any plans of 
returning to MW.
   There are approximately 6 low power FM stations in the islands. Three 
religious stations relaying the Moody Network and VCY America from the 
USA and three braodcasting a combination of local music programmes and 
US pop music programmes received via satellite.
   If you have any problems getting QSL's from any of the MW stations, 
please let me know and I will check into it for you.


Pete Taylor - Tacoma WA - taytac@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Correction... 970 - KFTA - Rupert, ID
The calls here are KFTA (not KTFA), as in "Fantastico 9-70."  As I am 
sure you vividly recall, I heard SS on 11/11 so presumed it was 
Bakersfield.  After hearing SS several other times, I presumed it was 
the Rupert station.  On the phone, the secretary kept calling it "KTFA," 
even after I spelled it out phonetically.  After seeing M Street's 
reference to it as KFTA, I called back and the apologetic secretary 
confirmed it was KFTA.  Address is 120 S. 300 W., Rupert ID 83350 and 
the manager is Benjamin Reed.

Never assume anything.  My apologies for this error.

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