[HCDX]: Dec 26 log/2
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[HCDX]: Dec 26 log/2

Hi all,

NEPAL 5005 Radio Nepal 1445-1500, Nepali, talk about the crash of a
twinotter in Makwanpur municipality, the plane belonged to 'Skyline Air'
- a small private airline that flies only inside Nepal (shudder, I used
to fly a lot with them...), the three crew and seven passengers
apparently all got killed, six charred bodies were retrieved so far -
four of which were returned to Kathmandu today, lots more but the signal
was quite weak today with sometimes deep fading and flutters (Roth Dec

INDIA 4860 AIR Delhi 1507-1525, Urdu, non-stop classical vocal music
with short announcements inbetween, weak signal with fluttery fading,
some peaks quite strong but rather distorted (Roth Dec 26)

INDIA 4840 AIR Mumbai 1525-1535, Hindi, ads and phone-ins with some film
songs, fair to weak (Roth Dec 26)

INDIA 4800 AIR Chennai 1540-1555, Hindi, ID at 1545 'Akashvani Hyderabad
He', weak with heavy UTE RTTY QRM (Roth Dec 26)

73 de Thomas
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