[HCDX]: Dec25,26th logs
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[HCDX]: Dec25,26th logs

ZAMBIA 4965 1646 Radio Christian Voice, om anncr in accented English,
several mentions of Zambia. 1700 full Radio Christian Voice id with SW and
FM freqs. Quite good signal.(Moman Dec 25) 

PERU 6115 0700 Radio Union just tuned in as they id'd. good (Moman Dec 25

VANUATU (non) 4960 absent at 0747 check, 5020 SIBC and 4890 PNG doing well
(Moman Dec 25) Back on Dec 26th.

PHILIPPINES 11730 1755 Radio Pilipinas, not in English, but frequent ids
during long talks // 15190 also very good.  (Moman Dec 25) 

UNID 4800 checked several morning at 1700 - 1800 hearing AIR underneath //
4840 4880 4910 4920. Dominant station - thinking of Lesotho but no
supporting data. 2 short/1 long 1200hz tone at 1700. Woodwind instrument
also, mainly yl talking, nothing useful gleaned.  (Moman Dec 25,26) 

NEW ZEALAND 3935 0802 with National Radio news and weather, good signal
(Moman Dec 26) 

UNID 6230 noted past 1700 with talks in Russian?, rough audio. jammer or
data tx underneath. (Moman Dec 26) 

ZAMBIA 6165 2200 annmt "midnite on Radio Two" , English, accented om anncr
with long prayer and s/off, then anthem to 2203. Good signal (Moman Dec

Logs from Don Moman, Lamont Alberta Canada (53.44N  112.49W)
Rcvr used: Collins HF 2050
Antenna: 4-30 mhz rotatable log periodic, beverages
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