[HCDX]: Dec 27 log/2
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[HCDX]: Dec 27 log/2

Hi gang,

CHINA 5050 Haixia PBS 2240-2302, Mandarin, non-stop talk with ID on the
hour 'Haixia Shi Sheng Guangbo...Dao Jemo' (sounds like), not sure but
this is the 'Voice of the Strait'-program isn´t it ??? Fair signal, not
too loud but on clear frequency (Roth Dec 27)

VIETNAM 4960 Radio Hanoi 2 2305-2320, Vietnamese, talk by female and
male presenters, fair to weak signal with surprisingly strong peaks
(Roth Dec 27)

VIETNAM 4881.8 Radio Thanh Hoa (VERY MUCH PRESUMED) 2320-2330, extremly
weak signal with deep fading, during peaks there was talk in a language
that 'could' have been Vietnamese, abruptly off at 2330 in the middle of
a piece of music without return. I know it´s unlikely to be them, but if
not them - who else (except various LA stations) uses this frequency at
this time ??? Maybe a test transmission ??? If so, they must have
drastically raised their tx power. I read somewhere that they´re running
only 10 watts !!! Could use some help on this one. Are there any
listeners in the region, is Alan Davies still down there ??? (Roth Dec

CHINA 4815 China Radio Int. 2334-2342, Russian, Mandarin language
course, the Mandarin part of it sounded much like a Chinese numbers
station, fair signal (Roth Dec 27)

INDIA 4760 AIR Port Blair 2345-2358, Hindi, non-stop talk mentioning
Kandahar and Afghanistan, very weak today with rather bad UTE QRM (Roth
Dec 27)

73 de Thomas
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