[HCDX]: MW T/A Logs
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[HCDX]: MW T/A Logs

Hi all

Good transatlantic reception from my QTH last few days on MW

A few logs below:

All times UTC


1640 WKSH Sussex WI-Presumed although I believe KDIA has similar format.V.wk
signal with religious prog with OM@ 0458.

1620 WPHG Atmore AL 0200 F.pks 'thank you for joining us at WPHG Atmore
Alabama'  OM.

1620 UNID with sports prog fading under WPHG at same times also F.pks .

1510 WLAC Nasville TN. 0300 F.pks over WNRB at times.Talk format,ID as WLAC
Nashville by OM.

1380 CKLC Kingston ON.  OM with ID 'CKLC' @ 2352 with F.pks & pop tunes.

1250 CHWO Oakville ON .  OM  '& 1250 CHWO the golden horseshoe radio
network' with a kind of jazzy/nostalgia mx.F signal @ 0759.


1160 VSB3 Hamilton Bermuda-Tent heard with Xmas tunes up to 0100 then YL
with British accents talking to a reporter.Maybe relay from BBC ?.Very
strong splatter at QTH with w/f pks.

1390 WEGP Presque Isle ME. OM with end of newscast & usual WEGP 1390/WREM
710  ID.  F.pks  @ 0006

1250 CBGA Matane PQ-Tent.  OM in French.F.pk @ 0305.

also heard 2 or 3 other stations on 1250 through night with talk/nostalgia
formats,presume one is CHWO.

1590 WARV Warwick RI clear ID @ 0930, weak signal.

Also heard on 1590 R.Frontera-Tent with usual style of Mexican mx after

2500 WWV 0703 with F sig.Usual 'pulses/time checks/IDs.

Other X-Band signals heard on 1700/1690/1680/1670/1660/1650/1630.Aslo
1490/1480/1470/1440/1430/1420/1420/1410,either carriers or short lived fade

RX: Trio R-1000
ANT: Maynard ATL-3 indoor loop


Lionel Roithmeir
Channel Islands
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