[HCDX]: Pacific loggings for Dec 29, 1999 UTC.
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[HCDX]: Pacific loggings for Dec 29, 1999 UTC.

Receivers - HF1000As with SE-3. Antenna: EWE.

A few Pacific Loggings from this evening from SS time in PNG (and later SS
in Australia)

PNG 3220 R. Morobe 0806 Female reading news // 4890. Into PNG Sing-Sing
music. Strong this evening

PNG 3315 R. Manus 0808 Female with news // 4890. Into pop music

PNG 3325 R. Bougainville 0809 Christmas music.

PNG 3385 RENB 0812 Female with news // 4890.

PNG 3905 R New Ireland  0812 Female with news // 4890. By 0830 it was
covered by RRI Merauke into strong levels

PNG 3260 R Madang 0824 Soft native vocals, female announcer in pidgin

PNG 2410 R Enga 0827 Very strong this evening - to S7 on one of the
HF1000As. PNG local music. Rock/Roll PNG young protest music. Female
annoucer in pidgin. Faded by 0903 after weak ID.

PNG 3245 R Gulf 0817 Strong. Not heard at Graylands two weekends ago (Dec
16-20) but back on now. PNG pop music with male announcer. Long discussionin
pidgin until 0841. More pop music. Local png music at 0852. Then ID top of
the hour.  Nice to see R Gulf back.
Vanuatu 4960 RV 0908 Not particularly strong this evening. Getting ready for
the new year with Aude Lang Song.

New Zealand 3935 ZXLA particularly weak this evening.

Australia 2485 TEAABA (ABC for aborignial service - Top End Aboriginal
Broadcasting Association!) Jazz program at 0942.  Strong hets on 2310 and
2325 never materialized.

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