[HCDX]: Hello and tuning-suggestions
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[HCDX]: Hello and tuning-suggestions

First of all let me introduce myself:
My name is Julius Hermans. I am 36 years, married with two children. I live in Breedenbroek a tiny village of 800 inhabitants in the east of the Netherlands (500 meters from the German border and just north-east where the Rhine enters our country.
I am a DX'er since 1977 and have specialised in MW-DX'ing , esp Asia.
Besides DX'ing I am a huge fan of New Wave music and collect records.
Here is my first contribution to Hard Core DX:
MW: there are pretty good conditions at the moment: this morning (dec. 29th 0700 UTC) I heard transatlantic signals on 1500,1510, 1590, 1660, 1690 
Another pretty good frequency in my part of the world is 1395: it is COMPLETELY FREE here between 2330 and 2350 and on dec. 27th I had pres. Thailand at 2342 (grey-line DX). There was soft fem. talk in pres. Thai. I heard the 25 Kw-st from Chiang there before in january of this year. So, watch this freq.
At 2350 The Siberian stn. starts to sign on on 1395 with testtones!!
73 and all the best for the new millennium!!!!
Julius Hermans