[HCDX]: Logging assortment
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[HCDX]: Logging assortment

PARAGUAY 9737.2 Radio Nacional strong signal but heavy buzz on carrier,
noted from 2230 onwards, frequent ids at 2337 recheck, still rough audio. 
(Moman Dec 28) 

SPAIN 9620 REE yl in Spanish, // 6125 (pr)  (was checking for SODRE
reported on both these freqs lately) time pips and id at 0000, also still
on both frequencies at 0155 fair (Moman Dec 29) 

INDIA 5010 AIR with interval signal at 0020, AIR id and news by yl and
0035 to 0040. fair (Moman Dec 29) 

THAILAND 13695 Radio Thailand 0058 yl in English with detailed weather
report, time check for 8 am, Interval signal and into Asian language pgm
at 0102. Strong signal, nothing noted on 9680.  (Moman Dec 29) 

SRI LANKA 15425 yl anncr in English with much enthusiasm - everything was
very,very good morning , and very, very best wishes etc.  0117 with id as
the "All Asia service of Radio Sri Lanka." Into Abundant Life religious
pgm, 0200 recheck just finishing Back to the Bible pgm, SLBC id and into
news.  Nothing on 11905.  good signal (Moman Dec 29) 

PERU 6797.6 Ondas del Rio Mayo presumed the one with closing announcements
at 0151 just as I tuned by, and into anthem. Off at 0154.  Good signal
(Moman Dec 29) 

INDONESIA 4789.1 RRI Fak Fak 1400 muffled om anncr with several mentions
of Fak Fak at the TOH strong (Moman Dec 29) 

ICELAND 11402 1417 with om/yl talks in Icelandic (I guess) strong // 13860
not quite as good (Moman Dec 29) 

OMAN 15140 Radio Sultanate of Oman 1427 yl in English, time pips and id,
into English news items past 1430. Fair (Moman Dec 29) 

CHINA 5030 CNR1 (listed) 1447 "Language Tips with Lucy" pgm, lots of
conversational English examples with om/yl anncrs. Strong and most days
heard all day and well into the late afternoon here. Way above any other
Chinese station on 60m.  (Moman Dec 29) 

SINGAPORE 6150 Radio Singapore 1503 in English with pop music, mention FM
and Ego Trip..  lots of QRM here (Moman Dec 29) 

INDONESIA 3976.06 RRI Pontianak steel guitar music, om with full RRI
Pontianak id during s/off near 1630, more music and off.  Surprisingly
good. (Moman Dec 29) 

INDIA 4775 et al AIR 1530 English news . Many parallels: 3315fr 4760pr
4800fr 4820fr 4850pr 4880fr 4910pr 4920gd (4950 vpr only before 1530)
4960pr 4970fr sports at 1544, news headlines repeated - hijacked plane was
the lead item - to 1545. (Moman Dec 29) 

LESOTHO 4800 tentative, but very likely them, yl (not in English) at 1706
with news, mentions of many places in Africa. Quite readable, other than
the language barrier.  News to 1711, then some local ads (for a sawmill?? 
I think) and promos with bits of "Lets Twist Again". Fading by 1730.  Have
been checking this one lately, usually co-channel India, but today all by
itself at this time. Peaked long path.  (Moman Dec 29) 

MONGOLIA 9720 Voice of Mongolia 2015 yl reading article on history, from a
local newspaper - One insightful sentence - "This year marks the end of
1999" caught my attention! Gave an email address at yahoo.com for anyone
wishing to subscribe to the newspaper. End of pgm at 2024, music, and sked
given at 2030 s/off:  1200 to Australia on 12085, 1500 to S Asia and 2000
to Europe on 9720 and 12085.  However no sign of 12085 here. Tuned around
and found no other obvious parallels.  Tnx to Walt Salmaniw for this and
other good tips.  9720 good to very good at times. (Moman Dec 29) 

Logs from Don Moman, Lamont Alberta Canada (53.44N  112.49W)
Rcvr used: Collins HF 2050
Antenna: 4-30 mhz rotatable log periodic, beverages

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