RE: [HCDX]: V of Hope location?
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RE: [HCDX]: V of Hope location?

Hi Paul,

> I'm hearing High Adventure Ministries "Voice of Hope" on
> 5975kHz in EE from
> 0750z, EE id 0800 then into what sounds like a Russian
> language, back into
> EE w/syndicated religion from 0830, still going strong past
> 0930. Gives
> Hereford, England address... any idea as to transmitter location???

Nothing very exotic: Deutsche Telekom, Jülich. The usual bet these
days.. Acc. to Wolfgang Büschel's BCDX Nr. 442 they are operating as

5975  0700-1059
15715 1325-1629
11725 1700-1759


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