[HCDX]: [TDP] Newsletter 4/99
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[HCDX]: [TDP] Newsletter 4/99


- results of Shortwave Radio DX Clubs survey
- more than 300 links to Shortwave Radio Stations
- detailed transmitter information from Albania, Bulgaria and Japan
- Que Huong Radio expands transmissions on shortwave
- the transmitter, antenna and tube database
- new URL's for TDP

1) Shortwave Radio DX Clubs - Survey 2000
A questionnaire addressed to 70 DX club representatives in order to obtain a
general view of the importance of DX clubs and their activities at present
resulted in 27 detailed answers in less than a week. The results were
compiled on December 30, 1999 and you can find the details of the survey on
the TDP web site at <http://www.transmitter.org/dxclubs1.html> or

2) Shortwave Radio Stations
There are now links to more than 300 official web sites of radio stations
broadcasting on shortwave at the TDP web site. Didn't know that your
favourite shortwave radio station had a web site on the internet, have a
look at <http://www.transmitter.org/stations.html> or

3) Shortwave Transmitter Countries
The Shortwave Transmitter Countries section on the TDP web site is updated
whenever new information about transmitter installations becomes available.
Recent additions include detailed transmitter information from Albania,
Bulgaria and Japan. See for yourself at
<http://www.transmitter.org/countries.html> or

4) Shortwave Transmitter Air-Time
As of January 1, 2000, Que Huong Radio will expand it's transmissions on
shortwave as follows:
- Monday to Thursday from 1300 to 1359 UTC on 9.930 kHz
- Monday to Saturday from 2300 to 2359 UTC on 17.510 kHz
Programmes are in Vietnamese and broadcast from Hawaii towards Vietnam.
If you are looking for air-time on shortwave, be sure to check

5) Shortwave Transmitters, Antennas and Tubes
TDP is your best source if you are looking for a transmitter, antenna or
tube. Information about manufacturers, technical specifications and
references can all be found at <http://www.transmitter.org> or

6) New URL's for TDP
Please note that TDP will stop using the <ping.be> server as of January 1,
If you have a link to us on your web site with the old address, be sure to
change it to <http://www.transmitter.org> or <http://www.transmitter.be>.
If you have our e-mail address in your address book, be sure to change it to
the new e-mail address <info@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> or <info@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>.

We at TDP, the Worldwide Transmitter Organization, wish you all the very
best for the New Year.


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