[HCDX]: pacific logs
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[HCDX]: pacific logs

Further to the reports of Schnitzer, Nelson and Atkins a couple of 
other stations heard here recently


3375 R Western Highlands, Mount Hagen, 09.54 in pidgin with clear 
mention of " Mount Hagen" and discussion of Y2K problem, co channel 
with Brazilian. Heard on 29th and  30th December (Norrie)

3850 Radio Independence, Bougainville, 10.00 with drums and into 
communal singing. Heard on 20th December and not on every night. 
Generally weak so would be good catch from Scandinavia or NA. 


3960.23 RRI Palu , Indonesian version of "classical gas" and full ID 
at 10.59. Heard on 26th December (Norrie).

Happy New Year when it comes

David Norrie, Auckland NZ AOR 7030, T2FD, 25m long wire.
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