Re: [HCDX]: New Zealand log
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Re: [HCDX]: New Zealand log

In a message dated 99-12-31 07:19:20 EST, you write:

<< Radio New Zealand coming in just fine here in Michigan on 6105 kHz from
 1115 to 1150 with live coverage of their Y2K rollover. They had various
 interviews with correspondents around their county and the Antarctic
 bases.  Even determined the first baby of 2000 is a boy from Auckland.
 They have no power or telecommunications problems except for jammed-up
 international calls due to very high volume (that's understandable). >>

BUT have we heard of any DX reports from Dxers in these areas? Have their 
receivers continued to function (the digital ones with date/time?).
Will these modern marvels of technology survive the Y2K bug, or will they 
start operating on NEGATIVE frequencies?
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