[HCDX]: Bhutan special program
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[HCDX]: Bhutan special program

Hello everywhere,

today I can announce a little DX-sensation. I could receive the Bhutan
Broadcasting Service on 5030 with a special program on New Year's Eve. In
the first moment I didn't believe that I really tuned in to this exotic
station. I thought it's the usual Chinese on that frequency until I catched
a clear ID. The signal was very fine with S9 and with good modulation.

Here the logging now in detail:


5030  Bhutan Broadcasting Service, Thimpu, December 31, 1740-1830, English,
phone-in-program with New Year's greetings, ID, count down at 1759, New Year
2000 in Bhutan at 1759 (!).
SINPO  4 4 4 2 3-4

A Happy New Year 2000 to all

Michael Schnitzer
Receiver: JRC NRD-525
Antenna: 25m longwire & DX-One Professional
Location: Hassfurt, Germany

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