[HCDX]: Latin American Music Styles online
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[HCDX]: Latin American Music Styles online

Henrik Klemetz and Jay Novello are pleased to announce the
Latin American Music Styles web page, located at
http://havana.iwsp.com/radio/lamusic/ .

"Spanish music", "Latin rhythms", are standard labels used by 
DXers to describe the kind of music they hear from Latin American
broacasting stations.

By replacing "Spanish" and "Latin" with, say, "American" and "Anglo", 
the vagueness of such terms come into the open.

It is not an easy task to determine the home of a musical variety 
if you have to choose from more than 20 countries. Even a native
Latin American senses the difficulty, except of course when he has
to identify the kind of music which is unique to his home country.

To assist in the identification of different Latin music styles,
we present 90 samples for your listening enjoyment.  Some of the
styles represented are tropical, vallenato, cumbia, huayno, huaylas,
chicha, pasillo, charanga, danzon, mambo, samba and forro, as well
as the possibly less familiar joropo, bambuco, pasaje, bailecito,
carrilera, zamba, chamame and milonga.

Thanks for your interest, 73, and Happy New Year!
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