[HCDX]: Millenium logs
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[HCDX]: Millenium logs

Most of this isn't DX, but it's the stations I listened to as the millenium made its way around the world. I think the Brazil logs are particularly interesting.


6105 NEW ZEALAND Radio New Zealand Int'l 12/31/1999 1059 bells heard
under WYFR (WYFR off at 1100) counting down to new millenium, three
minutes of the sound of fireworks (!), then reports from around the
country and Scott's Base in Antarctica; into 24 hours of nothing but
Kiwi music on National Radio (Brandi-NJ)

9580 AUSTRALIA Radio Australia 12/31/1999 1250 coverage of
festivities in Melbourne, relaying station 3LO there, sound of
fireworks (Brandi-NJ)

11755 GUAM KSDA 12/31/1999 1345 Christian talk, ID @ 1355 as
Adventist World Radio, music, stay with us for second half, address
in England, address in Guam, web site, ID as Adventist World Radio,
KSDA, Agat, Guam; no mention of new year; much splash from Cuba
11760, particularly when they play music (Brandi-NJ)

11620 INDIA All India Radio 12/31/1999 1815 New Year's Address in
English by Prime Minister, ID @ 1821, piece of classical Indian
music, "please stay tuned now for a special program entitled 'New
Century, New <something>'" @ 1830 as new year began, a review of
what India has accomplished in the past century, what they look to
do in the next century (Brandi-NJ)

7130 IRAN Voice of the Islamic Republic of Iran 12/31/1999 2018
Arabic music, // Real Audio feed at
http://www.irib.com/radios/MEDIAS/audio01a.ram, announcement, ID,
and time pips at 2030 (TOH and midnight in Iran), no immediately
apparent recognition of the beginning of the new
millenium/century/year (Brandi-NJ)

11990 KUWAIT Radio Kuwait 12/31/1999 2040 western pop music, IDs in
English @ 2045 and 2049, news (Yeltsin resigns, hijackers free
hostages in Afghanistan, no serious Y2K problems reported anywhere
in the world), "thanks for tuning in to Radio Kuwait", more dance
music, time to close this transmission from Radio Kuwait, schedule
and frequencies, "we would like to wish our listeners a Happy New
Year and extend our heartfelt wishes for a <something> millenium",
national anthem, time pips; mixing with Cairo (Brandi-NJ)

9990 EGYPT Radio Cairo 12/31/1999 2130 year in review, wish for
happy new year and happy millenium as we start the third millenium @
2200, year end review program starting with "this is the last
program of the year", despite being aired as first program of new
year; bad hum made this painful to listen to (Brandi-NJ)

4769.96 NIGERIA Radio Nigeria Kaduna 12/31/1999 2255 barely
intelligible; talk in English, hard to tell if Y2K related, national
anthem @ 2300, test tone, then off (Brandi-NJ)

5975 ANTIGUA BBC 12/31/1999 2345 Millenium coverage; rest of the
news @ 0015 (Brandi-NJ)

4915 BRAZIL Radio CBN Anhanguera 1/1/2000 0158 music, to live phone
report from celebration somewhere at 0200, until transmission
abruptly terminated mid-sentence at 0203, not back at 0228 recheck;
between this and Bandeirantes disappearing, it makes one think that
maybe Brazil is the first country to see Y2K affecting its power
infrastructure (Brandi-NJ)

9645 BRAZIL Radio Bandeirantes 1/1/2000 0150 live concert, with
music until 0154, then speeches in Portuguese, until abrupt
termination of broadcast mid-sentence at 0157; not back at 0210
recheck, but back by 0228 (Brandi-NJ)
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