[HCDX]: 90 Meterband bandscan on Dec. 31, 1999
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[HCDX]: 90 Meterband bandscan on Dec. 31, 1999


Happy New Year to all people on the list! I hope your New Years Eve was as
nice as mine. :) Lots of nice fireworks this year. For a moment, I thought
they were bombing my hometown. :)

Seems like 1999 ended good for us DXers. I just got Michael Schnitzer's note
about his reception of Bhutan on 5030 kHz. Great catch, Michael!
Just before I left to my parents' house to celebrate New Years Eve, I did a
quick band-scan of the 90 meterband, and found some good signals there:

3200		TWR Swaziland		Weak/fair
3210.05	R Mozambique		Good
3214.8	RRI, Manado			Weak
3240		TWR Swaziland		Booming in
3255		BBC via S. Africa		Strong
3270		Namibia			Weak
3290		Namibia			Weak/fair
3320		R Sonder Grense, AFS	Booming in
3335		CBS Taiwan			Weak/fair
3364		AIR, Delhi			Strong
3366		GBC (Ghana)			Weak/fair

This was all between 1818-1826 UTC. Note the strange frequency of All India
Radio, Delhi: 3364 kHz.

Best 73',
Mark Veldhuis,
the Netherlands.
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