Re: [HCDX]: Hello and tuning-suggestions
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Re: [HCDX]: Hello and tuning-suggestions

You are absolutely right! Grey-line DX means both DX'er and transmitter are within the grey zone. I was mistaken but one is never too old to learn!! Still, I have done some excellent catches of Asian MW-stations during local sunrise at transmittersite (and thus middle in the night overhere). So even if one side has sunrise this can improve reception!!
Best wishes!
Julius Hermans 
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Sent: Friday, December 31, 1999 1:20 AM
Subject: Re: [HCDX]: Hello and tuning-suggestions

........ Another pretty good frequency in my part of the world is 1395: it is COMPLETELY FREE here between 2330 and 2350 and on dec. 27th I had pres. Thailand at 2342 (grey-line DX). ..........
Julius Hermans
Hello Julius,
thanks for your info, but I think Grayline Reception is a reception along the "grey line". Both - receiver and transmitter - must be within the grey zone. A typical grey line reception was now in December between certain parts of Europe and Vanuatu around 0700 UTC. The Sun was coming up here in Europe and setting down in Vanuatu area of the Pacific.
Your reception of the Thai station was caused by improved conditions during the Sunrise in Thailand, I think.
Karel Honzik,
the Czech Republic