Re: [HCDX]: Galei Zahal on short waves
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Re: [HCDX]: Galei Zahal on short waves

Jarmo Patala wrote:
>Hello all,
>I received yesterday a QSL from Israeli Galei Zahal for their shortwave
>transmission on 6898 kHz in last September. It seems they have now stopped
>operating on SW.
>Does anybody know from which transmitter location these are originating? 
>Is it some of their mediumwave locations or is this a different place?

Last week a DX friend handed me a couple of interesting publications 
from ENIGMA, European Number Stations Information Gathering and Monitoring
Association. (17-21 Chapel Street, Bradford, West Yorks, BD1 5DT, England). 
They publish a magazine twice a year.
It doesn't include precise information on the possible GZ SW location,
but they tell interesting things about Israel SW activity.
Israel number station transmissions on 8127 kHz have had technical 
problems with Galei Zahal transmission being heard on the background
on the carrier. The same situation occurred on 10125 kHz. Several
RTTY stations, which are known to be broadcasting from the transmitting 
facility near Tel Aviv, have also had the same problem. 
This source also says that Arutz Sheva, an Israeli nationalist 
wing owned offshore radio - that has been incidentally closed down 
by the current Israel government  - has been also used in Israeli
number code transmissions. According to direction finding beamings,
signals were coming (1995) from three locations; from Tel Aviv, near 
Eilat, and 50 km NW from Tel Aviv in Mediterranean, the QTH where 
Arutz 7 radio ship was anchored.  

Obviously, the clear and loud signal on 6898 was not a mistake, 
but it is probable that the origin of signal has been some military
transmitting station. Tel Aviv transmitting complex seems like a good

Jari Lehtinen
Lahti Finland

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