Re: [HCDX]: VOA 5020 kHz
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Re: [HCDX]: VOA 5020 kHz

Dear Mauno,
and all other HCDX-ers as well.
I was one of two (it was Ronny Forslund and I, Jan Edh) who noticed VOA
on 5020 kHz on that special morning at our DX-camp in Fredriksfors. I´ve
no feeling that to be spurioses. But nothing is for sure...
We listened on our NRD and ICOM R75 and heard the same thing. We tried
different antennas and it was also heard on a deltaloop and on Beverege
antennas towards Central America and northern part of South America, but
the La Plata Beverege giving the best signal.
I ´ve also listened a couple of times later at the same time slot, but
nothing at all has been there.
Best regards
Jan Edh, Hudiksvall, Sweden (listening in Fredriksfors some 30 km from
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