Re: [HCDX]: bulgaria on 747/864
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Re: [HCDX]: bulgaria on 747/864

In einer eMail vom 15.01.00 22:12:23 MEZ, schreiben Sie:

<< Hello,
 Here I am again with a more precise answer to this subject. On January 13 I
 heard at after 0400 UTC on 864 kHz without any doubt Radio Blagoevgrad with
 many IDs some of them in the form of jingles.
 I was also looking to the mentioned website. For Blagoevgrad it is indeed
 mentioned 347, this isn't a typo, it's the wavelength in metre, so dividing
 into 300,000 results (rounded off) 864 the frequency in kHz. Btw this
 frequncy was also used for Blagoevgrad regionla programme in the eighties. 
 Erich Bergmann
 Ansbach, Germany


Thanks a lot for your assistance. 

I noted the same in the meantime and could hear Blagoevgrad clearly 
identified on 864 kHz in the morning. The programme on 747kHz was not in 
parallel, so it seems that the regional programme is no longer broadcast 

Best 73's

Hans-Dieter Buschau
Hildesheim, Germany
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