Re: [HCDX]: Radio Baltic waves
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Re: [HCDX]: Radio Baltic waves

At 22.35 18.1.2000 GMT, you wrote:
>This day at 1715UTC I was glad to hear also radio signals from Radio Baltic
>Waves on 612 Khz, I heard their interval signals with station Id.
>This was of course after the fine tip of both excelent MW DX'ers Julius
>and Martin Elbe from Germany!
>But I like to QSL this station, has anyone received one from them, If yes
>give me the station adress with v/s.

I received a nice e-mail QSL for their test transmissions on 6240 kHz from
Mr. Rimantas Pleikys from <riplei@xxxxxxxxx>.

73, Mauno

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