RE: [HCDX]: Veronica QSL
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RE: [HCDX]: Veronica QSL

> I have also received a QSL from Radio Veronica 1224. The veries have been
> sent out in the beginning of November 1999. In the monthly issues of the
> website Eurolog many names and addresses have been mentioned. My QSL-card
> have been signed by Hans Knot, who lives in the city of
> Groningen. For more
> than 30 years he is a fan of all kinds of free radio. On the QSL the
> organisation Freewave Media Magazine is being mentioned with the address
> Postbus 102, 9700 AC  Groningen. I suppose Hans Knot is behind
> this address,
> so have a try!

Henk and others,

Have sent him a letter.  Yesterday I received an e-mail from Hans Knot
stating that he hasn't any stock of QSL anymore and that he forwarded my
report to SMC in Amsterdam.  I don't know however what SMC is.

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