Re: [HCDX]: FS: Timewave DSP-filter
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Re: [HCDX]: FS: Timewave DSP-filter

On Wed, 01 Mar 2000 08:08:48 GMT, you wrote:

>Anyone interested in buying my Timewave DSP-599zx audiofilter ? 
>The unit, which is in excellent condition, includes a digital display
>and can notch or peak variable frequencies and bandwidths. It's a
>great tool, both for BC and utility DX-ing. I'm asking HFl. 500 or
>equivalent, which is less than half of its original price in Holland.
>I'm selling because I need the money (I recently moved to a new
>address and spent way too much). 
>You can e-mail me on mschaay@xxxxxx or fax me on 020-8824595.
Michiel really moved, because I helped him painting his house.
The timewave DSP-599zx is in excellent condition, it is not
much money!

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