[HCDX]: ADMIN: HCDX going to Web!
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[HCDX]: ADMIN: HCDX going to Web!

Hi all,

I'm really excited to make the following announcement. Hermod Pedersen's
Nordic Shortwave Center is joining the Hard-Core-DX and we will be even
better service for all of you. I want to thank you all of the active
participations and hope you'll stick with us and make this thing even
better. Go and check out http://www.hard-core-dx.com/... Hermod has done
very good job there. Of course some things needs to be fixed but please let
us know... together we can make this the best resource in the Internet.





The World's best community for DXers is getting even better. Together
with the Nordic Shortwave Center, the Hard-Core-DX list is launching a
top notch DX web site. "By joining forces we are able to offer all
DXers better information", says Hard-Core-DX list manager Risto

The Hard-Core-DX list started as one of the earliest hobby lists back
in 1995. It soon grow into an fast, informal, and highly informative
DX channel. "I hoped for fast DX news, and got a unique DX community
as well", says Risto Kotalampi. "We now have more than 500 DXers
subscribing to the list. The discussions is very lively and, thanks to
the members good sense and some moderation, this makes the list one of
the best sources for DX news."

A mailing list still lacks the major strengths of the Web: continuity,
in-depth analysis and constant availability. "So how can one better
serve this knowledgeable, and demanding, community than by offering a
unique Hard-Core-DX.com web site", says Hermod Pedersen, manager of
the Nordic Shortwave Center web, established in 1995. The Nordic
Shortwave Center focuses on breaking DX news, with an addition of
in-depth information on Latin American DXing and receiving
antennas. All of this is to be incorporated into the Hard-Core-DX.com.

At the core of the new joint venture will still be the popular mailing
list. "We are not going to change anything about the mailing list. It
belongs to its members", explains Risto Kotalampi. "What we hope to
achieve is to give everybody a DXing community on the web as well. We
have no resources of making these things ourselves, it is all those
members who make it what it is."

Thus the material on both the Hard-Core-DX mailing list and the
Hard-Core-DX.com web site is offered free to everybody, without any
other obligation than proper credit. "We offer a platform, a
community. You bring what you have to share. It will give us all lots
of news and lots of knowledge."

Go have a look at:
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