[HCDX]: RTM Kuching QSL
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[HCDX]: RTM Kuching QSL

MALAYSIA - 6050 RTM Kuching verified after 4 weeks by personal and det.
letter. V/s: Ramli Bin Junaidi, Head of Programmes. Address: RTM Sarawak,
Miri, Jalan Brighton, 98000 Miri, Sarawak, Malaysia. Heard in Thailand.
The local px from the Miri studio is daily from 1200-1400 local time,
corresponding to 0400-0600 UTC. (Passmann, Mar 9)

In the past there had been discussions about the question whether sending
reception reports to radio stations from another receiving location than
one's own can be called DX. I don't want to start this discussion again,
just point out that I regard this verifications as a nice remembrance of a
special situation I am not in every day.
It was fascinating exploring the tropical bands from a location 10.000 km
away from home. Such situations reminds me a bit of the days when I came in
touch with (tube) radios as a child, when everything was new and exciting,
even a station from a neighbour country...


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