[HCDX]: IRCA's AM DX NewsFlash - 3/8/00
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[HCDX]: IRCA's AM DX NewsFlash - 3/8/00

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         WELCOME TO IRCA's AM-DX NEWSFLASH  -  March 9 2000
                          Vol 5  No 49

                   IRCA's web site... check it out!!

Will be heading out to RI this afternoon, so I?m getting this done a day 
early... next week, back to normal

Deadline for next issue = Thursday, March 16 2000 @ 1400 UTC

 Send all contributions to me @ philip_bytheway@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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CONVENTION - MEETING INFO (corrections/additions welcome)


DecalcoMania member Kenneth Hawkins is hosting a DecalcoMania get-
together in the St Louis area the week of 3/25-6/00. Let him know right 
away if you are interested. Kenneth M Hawkins, 2207 Britian Wy, St 
Charles MO  63304-8766. Phone: 636 498-0123 or 1-800-845-0618 (PIN #03). 
email: bumperstix@xxxxxxxxxxxx DecalcoMania is a radio promotion 
collector club, so there may or may not be any DXing involved.

2000 IRCA Billings, Montana Convention Information:

  The International Radio Club Of America Convention will be held August 
25, 26, and 27, 2000 in Billings, Montana. Your convention hosts will be 
John and Nancy Johnson. A registration form will appear in IRCA's "DX 
Monitor" soon. Non-IRCA members may register by mail providing your name 
and names of those attending, mailing address, days you plan on being in 
Billings, and confirmation that you have made reservations at the 
Quality Inn. The advance registration fee will be $35.00 which includes 
the Saturday night buffet. Please make out your registration fee check 
to "John C. Johnson" and send it to John and Nancy's home address, 265 
Waterton Way, Billings, MT 59102-7755 by July 31, 2000. 
  The convention will be held at the Homestead Quality Inn located at 
2036 Overland Avenue in Billings. This is just off I-90 on Billings? 
west end. Take Exit 446 and follow King Avenue West to Overland Avenue. 
A map is available on the internet, or write to John or Nancy. This is 
the same location as the 1993 IRCA convention. Their phone number is 
406-652- 1320. You may call their national 800 number at 800-228-5151 
for reservations, but please make sure you mention the Billings 
Homestead Quality Inn and the "2000 IRCA Convention" for the special 
rates. Our special rates are $55.00 for singles, $72.00 for doubles, or 
$59.00 for their twin suites. Cut off date for special rates is July 15, 
2000. Homestead Quality Inn provides free shuttle service from Logan 
International Airport and the Greyhound Bus station.
  Airlines serving Billings include Delta, United, Big Sky, Northwest, 
and Horizon. If Alaska Air serves your area, please check their 
connections on Horizon. Greyhound Bus service is available to Billings.
  The banquet will be at the Old Country Buffet. This will be an all-
you-can-eat buffet featuring their regular Saturday night menu of 
(subject to change) Carved Ham, Carved Roast Beef, Fried Chicken, Baked 
Chicken, BBQ Ribs, Spaghetti, Penne, Fried Fish, Baked Fish, Corn on the 
Cob, Chicken and Dumplings, Macaroni and Cheese, French Fries, a 
complete salad bar, and a complete dessert bar.
  Tours will be scheduled with as many Billings radio stations as 
possible. The tour of KTVQ will include watching the production of their 
Friday night 10:00 newscast. More details will be provided as tours are 
  Do you like to eat and shop? The convention is being held in the heart 
of the largest shopping area in Montana. Restaurants within easy walking 
distance of the convention site include Fuddruckers, Dennys, Outback 
Steakhouse, Jade Palace, Burger King, Taco Johns, Perkins, Red Lobster, 
Olive Garden, and Gussicks. Within two miles you will find Pizza Hut, 
Subway, Dairy Queen, Wendys, Arbys, McDonalds, Taco Bell, Applebees, Dos 
Machos, Fuddruckers Express, Golden Corral, Old Country Buffet, and 
Cactus Creek Steak Outfitters. The largest mall in Montana, Rimrock Mall 
is just 2 miles from the convention. Many national big box stores are 
within 2 miles including, but not limited to, Costco, Wal-Mart Super 
Store, ShopKo, Target, Big K-Mart, Best Buy, Toys R Us, Old Navy, and 
  Billings is located within a days drive of many vacation tourist 
attractions including, but not limited to Yellowstone National Park, 
Little Big Horn Battlefield, Glacier National Park and Mount Rushmore.
  Start making your plans now to attend this years convention! If you 
were at the 1993 Billings convention you will want to return for more of 
the same fun. If you missed the 1993 Billings convention now is your 
chance to attend. If you have access to the internet, check out the 
convention web site at: http://pages.prodigy.net/john_johnson/irca2000 

 CPC DX tests


CPC Chairperson (IRCA) - Lynn Hollerman - gmhollerman@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

      3/26/00 Sun - 0000-0030 - 1150 - WELC - Welch WV (NRC)
      4/ 1/00 Sat - 0515-0600 - 1110 - WTBQ - Warwick NY (McLean)

Sunday, March 26, 2000 - WELC-1150, Welch, WV will conduct a DX test 
from 12:00 - 12:30 am EST. WELC will be using 5 kW, ND.  All that is 
known about programming is that there will be Morse code IDs.
  Reception reports may be sent to:
Mr. John Sidote
P.O. Box 949
Welch, WV 24801
 (Arranged by Blaine Thompson for the NRC CPC.)

Saturday, April 1, 2000 - WTBQ-1110, Warwick, NY will conduct a DX test
from 5:15 - 6:00 am EST. The test will feature novelty music and code

  Reception reports may be sent to:
Mr. Rob McLean
62 N. Main St.
Florida, NY 10921

E-mail: am1110@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
WWW: http://www.wtbq.com
 (Arranged by Rob McLean of WTBQ.)

Also, if you hear a test, PLEASE, PLEASE let me know, via either
e-mail or in rec.radio.shortwave! And if you send a reception report to
a station, please remember to include return postage with your report...




Lee J Freshwater  414 SE 3rd St, Ocala, FL 34474
FAX  352-732-7223  E-mail ENGWTRS@xxxxxxx

The F.C.C. has started putting CALL LETTER changes in their computer 
data base...We will include them here as time and space permits.



               CALL SIGN  CHANGES

CALL                                   *          CALL

KWOK      OLYMPIA, WA                 910        KAYO
KXXL      WICHITA FALLS, TX           990        KTUB

*  The F.C.C. does NOT list the frequency in their database. I have 
tried to suppliment this with information from my own database,, so look 
it over "carefully" before you change anything in yours.

We have put this information in order of frequency rather than location. 
Send any suggestions, changes AND corrections to the above E-Mail 

   Get in line NOW for your copy of the latest IRCA ?AM SLOGANS LIST?.  
Completely revised by IRCA?s own Rich Toebe to 2/00 and includes X-Band 
stations as well.  This 24 page ?DX Aid? can be yours for only $5.00 
through the IRCA Bookstore.  Non-IRCA/NRC members... add $1.00. 
Overseas... add $0.50.

   IRCA Bookstore, 9705 Mary NW, Seattle WA  98117-2334
    (all checks payable to Phil Bytheway)

Robert Wien ? San Jose CA - rjwmail@xxxxxxxxx

Colorado Springs News: Colorado Springs
   ?Citadel-owned talker KVOR (1300 AM) and nostalgia KTWK (740 AM) 
will swap frequencies March 23. KVOR will move to 740 AM and KTWK will 
take the 1300 AM spot.
   General manager Jim Arthur says the 740 AM frequency is clearer and 
will provide KVOR listeners better sound. In making this move, the 
station is ending its 76-year history at 1300 AM. When it went on the 
air as KFUM in 1924, it was the first radio station in Colorado Springs 
and only the fifth in the Western United States. Along with the 
frequency change, KVOR will change its name from "Newstalk 1300" to 
"Newsradio 740."?



Mark Connelly - Billerica MA - MarkWA1ION@xxxxxxxxxx

Homepage: http://members.aol.com/MarkWA1ION/weblink.htm

Receiver: Drake R8A
Antenna system: cardioid array of Active Whip and Broadband Loop on car 
  roof; Superphaser-1 Phasing Unit
Logs from Cape Cod in parallel with the BADX Rockport outing:

I did a quick listening session from the town landing site near the 
Route 28 / Tar Kiln Road intersection in South Orleans, MA.  I listened 
from 2245 UTC on 4 MAR through 0030 UTC on 5 MAR. Trans-Atlantics were 
better at the beginning of the session, Latin Americans towards the end. 
At no time could I say that it was auroral, except perhaps on the bottom 
of the dial in a few brief spurts.

Logs in summary follow.  A more thorough report will be issued later.

4 MAR 2000 / 2245-2359: Algeria-891, UK-909, Algeria-981, Spain-1044, 
Spain-1575, Spain-1584 (Ceuta het not noted), UK-1089, Spain-1134, UK-
1215, Saudi Arabia-1521, Belgium(t)-1512, France-1467 loud, Guinea-
1385.91, St.Pierre-1375, Spain-1359, Libya-1251, Spain-1224, France(t)-
1206, Morocco-1044, Canaries-Spain-1179 huge !, Spain-1071, UK-1053, 
Portugal-1035, Canaries-1008, Spain-954, Spain-855 local-like, Italy-
846, Puerto Rico-870, Cuba-840, Canaries-Spain-837 (Azores-836 het 
behind), Spain-801, Spain-792, Switzerland-765 loud, Guyana(t)-760 in 
jumble w/Brazil/Colombia, Cuba-759.77 bad het, Germany-756, Spain-738

5 MAR 2000 / 0000-0130: Anguilla-690 blasting over Brazil/Colombia/ 
Venezuela (no Montreal), Spain-684, Cuba-660 crushing WFAN !, Morocco-
612, St. Kitts-555, Spain-774, Venezuela(R. Coro)-780 mix CFDR, Neth. 
Antilles-800 good (now 100 kW instead of 500 kW ?), St. Kitts-830, 

**Pat Martin ? Rancho Mirage CA - mwdxer@xxxxxxxxx

1300  KPTL  NV, Carson City, now Rock Oldies,ex NOS, with ID // 102.9 
       Lake Tahoe at 0400 EST 3/3. (PM-CA)
1490  KBAS  AZ, BULLHEAD CITY, good on top with NOS format and many "K-
       Star" IDs, local weather at 0530 EST 3/3. (PM-CA)
1490  KICO  CA, CALEXICO, good briefly with "Radio Unica" IDs and ID on 
       the hour at 0559.55 EST 3/3 "KICO en Calexico",then buried by 
       KBKO's ID.(PM-CA)
1490  KBKO  CA, SANTA BARBARA, topped channel with SS and "KBKO Santa 
       Barbara" over KICO at 0559.56 3/3.(PM-CA)

Hammarlud SP-600JX, EWE antenna / 3 foot loop

**Bill Harms ? Elkridge MD - wharms@xxxxxxxxx

NRD-525, 3 foot high air core loop, 150 foot longwire.

 630  CFCO  ON, Chatham. 1/30 0100 ID, ?CFCO Precision Weather.? The 
       forecast was clear and cool. Good through WMAL. (WJH-MD)
 920  CJCH  NS, Halifax. 1/29 1903 News and Sports and local ad. Good 
       over QRM. (WJH-MD)
 920  WKVA  PA, Lewistown. 1/29 2000 ID and CNN News. Over all. One of 
       my closer unheards. (WJH-MD)
 920  WWIT  NC, Canton. 2/12 1720.  ID as ?Rock and Roll rolls on 
       WWIT? into a song.  Good over all.  (WJH-MD)
 960  WAAK  NC, Dallas. 1/29 0816 Spot for a ?Blue Grass Revival? and 
       ID.  Fair to good with strong interference.  (WJH-MD)
 980  WONE  OH, Dayton. 2/3 1657-1707 Finally a new station on his 
       channel.  Over a nulled WTEM and an UI talk station. Song - 
       ?Young Love.? ID by Female as ?You are listening... best of 
       the original hits on AM 9-80 WONE Dayton Springfield and AM 13-40 
       (WIZE) Springfield into ABC Network News. (WJH-MD)
1000  CKBW  NS, Bridgewater. 2/6 1830-1839. Numerous IDs such as 
       ?Serving Three Counties with one great radio station. Hometown 
       CKBW? and ?93.1 FM, 94.5 FM, 1000 AM.  This is the South 
       Shore?s Super Station CKBW? and, weather and local ads. Oldies. 
       Good over all. (WJH-MD)
1070  WSCP  NY, Sandy Creek.  2/6 2021:30-2026. A couple of local ads 
       and C & W song ?The Way I Feel About You.? It looks like 
       another daytimer ?extending? their broadcast hours, nyuck 
       nyuck!  (WJH-MD)
1110  WJML  MI, Petoskey. 2/5 1636. ID ?JML into song ?Green River? 
       by CCR. This was followed by ID as This is the station that 
       brought back... Oldies... Northern Michigan... WJML.? Into song 
       ?Downtown? by Petula Clark. (WJH-MD)
1130  KWKH  LA, Shreveport. 2/10. 1822. Not needed, but a welcome 
       infrequent visitor here with ID by man into local ad.  Good over 
       WBBR.  (WJH-MD)
1160  WBOB  KY, Florence. 2/6 0839:30-8:42. Ad for local machinery 
       dealer and Noxema.  ID as ?Get inside the game with 11-60 Bob 
       the Sports Leader? Surprisingly strong! (WJH-MD)
1160  WMVI  NY, Mechanicsville. 2/6 1742:30 Start of sign off.  Popped 
       in with ID by as ?welcome to WMVI.? (WJH-MD)
1360  WPTT  PA McKeesport.  2/13 1752 Local ad, ID, and Mike Gallagher 
       Talk Show.  Good under semi-nulled WWLG.  (WJH-MD)
1370  WKMC  PA, Roaring Spring.  Listened to the channel from 0830 to 
       1637:30 2/13 for an ID from this station (YES, I listened for the 
       ID for over eight hours!  Am I crazy or dedicated?)  I heard a 
       weak station with standards but it was never strong enough for a 
       clear ID.  Finally I heard a singing ID at 1631:30 this was 
       follwed by songs by Patty Page, Johnny Mathis, and Roberta Flack. 
1370  WLTC  NC, Gastonia.  2/15 2125 Female announcer talked about 
       ?happenings? in local churches.  Ood over all.  (WJH-MD)
1380  WGUS  SC, North Augusta 2/1 2059:45-2100. ID into CNN News. Fair 
       but atop the mess.  Heard frequently since.  Almost a pest! 
1390  WKLP  WV, Keyser. 2/15 0649.  ID by Male announcer as ?This is 
       WKLP, Keyser 13-90 AM? into weather forecast.  Good over all. 
1410  WLVV  AL, Mobile.  Local ads, music, Gulf Coast Weather, and ID. 
       Good through KQV.  (WJH-MD)
1450  WILM  DE, Wilmington. 1/30 1:28:30-1:50:00. Clear Morse code IDs 
       and not much else through a strong WOL. (WJH-MD) 
1460  WIFI  NJ, Florence. 2/1 0659:45 Legal ID by Female announcer ?14-
       60 WIFI (Florence)? and nothing else with lots of QRM. (WJH-MD)
1510  WLGN  OH, Logan. 1/31 1720. Popped in and out with an ID by a man 
       as ?WLGN.? (WJH-MD)
1540  WADM  IN, Decatur 1/31 1806. Heard ID as ?15-40 WADM? by male 
       announcer and nothing else. (WJH-MD)

E-MAIL:  saxelrod@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


 990  UNID  03/04 2100- Very weak in CBW phased null with Newsradio 
1160  UNID  03/05 0805- Weak u/KSL and WSCR with Gospel music.(VAL-DX)


 530 WPLX284 CO Denver -03/05 0700- Poor signals with a loop tape giving 
       call signs and saying it was run by Colorado Department of 
       Transport. NEW! (VAL-DX)
1610  TIS   IL ? -03/04 2115- Very poor with I Dot info. (VAL-DX)
1610  TIS   WI ?? -03/04 1905 - Fair signals with a loop tape saying 
       This is Highway Advisory radio for the Wisconsin Department of 
       Transport. No info just the ID loop. Which location is this? NEW! 
1610  TIS   KS ? -03/04 1919- Poor signals with info from the National 
       Weather Service and travel highway information for the Kansas 
       Turnpike. Many locations not sure which this was.(VAL- DX)


 740  WMIN  WI Hudson -03/04 1850- Good signals with Mexican music 
 780  KKOH  NV Reno - 03/04 2056- Fair signals with talk programming 
       u/WBBM (VAL-DX)
 860  CKSB1 MB Ste Rose du Lac -03/04 1813- Good signal mixing just out 
       of sync with CKSB2 with French programming//1050 (VAL-DX)
 860  CKSB1 MB St Lazare -03/04 1813- Good signal mixing just out of 
       sync with CKSB1 with French programming//1050 (VAL-DX)
 870  WKAR  MI Lansing -03/04 1824- Good signals with a mix of English 
       and Spanish talk and Mexican music full ID on the hour.(VAL-DX)
1100  WMBI  IL Chicago -03/04 1543- Poor signals with Spanish language 
       programming and ID (VAL-DX)
1290  KOWB  WY Laramie -03/05 0006- Fair signals with University of 
       Wyoming Basketball and several ID in phased CFST null. (VAL-DX)
1480  WTDA  WI Madison -03/04 1600- Good signals with Dual ID for 1670 
       and 1480 (VAL-DX)
1570  WFRL  Il Freeport -03/04 1840- Fair signals under CKMW with NOS 
1570  WKBH  WI Holmen -03/05 0640- Fair signals in phased CKMW null with 
       ESPN programming. (VAL-DX)
1670  WRNC  GA Warner Robbins -03/04 1746- Poor signals with country 
       music u/WTDY.(VAL- DX)
1690  WMDM  MD Lexington Park -03/04 1740- Poor in KDDZ phased null with 
       NASCAR programming.(VAL-DX)


 189  Iceland  Rikisutvarpid Gufuskalar March 5 0140 Poor signals with 
       music. Only TA heard all DXpedition.(VAL-DX)


 990  Mexico XET Monterrey March 5 0200 Poor signals u/CBW in phased 
       null with Mexican music and talk.(VAL-DX)
1630  Mexico XEUT Mexicali March 5 0111 Fair signals in a KCJJ phased 
       null with Mexican music and Spanish talk NEW!!(VAL-DX)

   Well it was quite the trip. We arrive d to find not much snow and 
some large pools of water on the fields. The walk was easy for March 
when the snow is usually knee deep or better. We had to be careful 
putting out the wires trying to avoid the large pools of water. Most 
wires were put out not in anything resembling a straight line but het it 
was worth it. Wayne got 12 new ones I got 3 new ones. The real treat was 
XEUT on 1630. Now I have heard every station in North America on the 
Exband (not counting TIS's).
   The Phasing units worked wonders on the long wires helping us null 
down even local pests like CBW to reveal DX. These little boxes are 
worth every penny we spent on them.
   The weather was wonderful no heavy parkas or boots. The lack of snow 
lead to a problem on Sunday morning. We awoke to clear skies at 05:00 
but by 07:30 there was a thick fog and we could only see 200-300 feet. 
We went out to wind up the antennas and had to stay close by so we would 
not loose each other on the fields. Also discovered that the warm air 
had melted more snow and we found many sections of the wires in frozen 
water or melted into the snow. Had to chip some sections out of the snow 
or break the ice to free up the antennas. That was OK but this lead to a 
never encountered problem.
   We have only once before and that was in the fall NEVER in winter ran 
out of snow. The snow melted too much Saturday leaving large areas of 
stubble. We had to drag the toboggans over the stubble fields to get 
back to the cars safely parked at the farm. This certainly made it easy 
to find the muscles in your legs and back that had not been used too 
much of late. We made two runs each across the field 1200 feet each way 
to take back the equipment...but it was better than waist deep snow 
where it took 2 of us to pull a toboggan.
   Drove home slowly in dense fog for 50 miles but it was worth every 
second for those new stations. And that is really what is all about is 
it not???
   DX'peditions in Manitoba are not for the faint hearted. YOU HAVE TO 

**Nigel Pimblett ? Medicine Hat AB - ntp@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

 891  FIJI  1350 UTC, 4 March. After a very mediocre MW season, was 
       astounded to find this one at a very good level, and completely 
       in the clear, with a program of Indian music. Stayed at a good 
       level until a fairly quick fade out around 1415.  Opening was 
       limited to this one station, with no other Pacific signals even 
       producing any audio.

Kenwood R-5000, 300 metre beverage



**Pat Martin ? Rancho Mirage CA - mwdxer@xxxxxxxxx

1230  KTHR  NM, GALLUP , rec friendly verie letter in 12d from: George 
       M. Malti-President along with bumper sticker. Address: P.O. Box 
       420, or 405-407 So. Second Street, Gallup  NM 87305 (PM-CA)
1550  KUAT  AZ, TUCSON rec. QSL letter in 16d from: Lyle E. Kesterson-
       Radio Program Manager. Address: University of Arizona, Tucson AZ  
       85721 (No street address or Box number given). (PM-CA)



**Pat Martin ? Rancho Mirage CA - mwdxer@xxxxxxxxx

Since we moved to Rancho Mirage here in the Coachella Valley, I also 
have RFI troubles. They come and go. I did find that a lot of the noise 
was coming in on the power lines. So after installing the EWE antenna 
and 4 fround rods in the ground, lots on #12 copper wire between them 
and a ground from the SP-600 chassis to the grounds outside, and also 
tying that to the center conducter on the outlets, that has helped. Then 
I tried one of those inexpensive RFI  outlet boxes from Radio Shack and 
so far I have cut the noise by more that 50%. When we return next 
November, I plan on working on the noise more, maybe a call to Edison. 
Pacific Power in Oregon is very good on fixing noise problems. So I also 
would start by phoning the local power company.

**Richard Toebe ? Davis CA - richtoebe@xxxxxxx

KJQI-1510 format change/ RFI

   "The Joy of San Francisco", KJQI-1510, actually licensed to San 
Rafael, has now become "K-Mozart" with classical and operatic music. 
Noted on car radio during homeward commute; no actual call letters given 
on the hour (what is with this poor practice, anyway?). No mention of 
the FM side. So, I don't yet know if the calls were changed.
   Haven't had much to send along as far as DX is concerned. When we 
first moved to Davis, I mentioned how quiet the neighborhood was 
electrically. Now everybody's moved in, and the noise level increased 
only slightly until a few weeks ago when suddenly I've got this horrible 
RFI. It's there 24/7. It sounds like a modulating hum, varying in pitch, 
coupled with ticks similar to a clock, very regular. The worst 
interference is centered on the upper 700 kHz range, and varies in 
intensity up through the 1100s; it's not a constant improvement as you 
move away from the 700s, but some frequencies are better than others 
(1120 and 1190 are pretty bad) and once you get past 1200, does seem to 
improve, it's almost gone in the 1400-1700 range. It does not seem to be 
a problem in the Shortwaves, at least above 5 MHz. At first I thought it 
was my next door neighbor as I would be able to reduce it a great deal 
if I pointed the antenna away from their house, but I've actually 
figured out a couple of days ago that it's emanating from the power 
lines in my house, and is especially strong coming from the electrical 
service box right outside my garage, next to the electric meter. I've 
been able to trace where the electrical lines in the house go, hi. (I 
used my Sony 2010 with the gain turned way down to track this down; when 
I null the electrical box at a distance of 6 inches, the RFI goes away 
almost fully!) My next move, I think, is to contact PG&E, the electric 
   Has anyone else had this problem?

**Dennis Gibson - dcgibson@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Rich - PG&E (or as I liked to call them when I was a kid "P)eople G)et 
E)lectrocuted") should have someone on staff who specializes in tracking 
down RFI. If they are not cooperative, a letter to the Public Utilities 
Commission usually works wonders. A ham friend of mine who used to live 
in Southern California had horrible RFI on the HF bands and Southern 
California Edison jerked him around until he wrote to the PUC. They had 
a sudden change in attitude and resolved the problem quickly. Good luck.

Robert Wein ? San Jose CA - rjwmail@xxxxxxxxx

  1510 now KMZT? (K-MoZarT)?  See below... Published Saturday, March 4, 
2000, in the San Jose Mercury News    

?The price of station's popularity Fans of traditional programming say 
KDFC has gone to `classical lite´


Mercury News Classical Music Writer  

   Mozart helped make radio history last month when a classical station 
tied for the top rating of music stations in the San Francisco Bay Area. 
In fact, KDFC (102.1 FM) became the first classical station in the 
country to capture the top music spot in quarterly Arbitron ratings -- 
which are similar to television's Nielsens. It's never happened, not 
even in the three bigger markets of New York, Los Angeles or Chicago. 
KDFC's success is good news for Salt Lake City-based Bonneville 
International, which bought the signal three years ago. 
   But critics contend the station's popularity has come at the cost of 
a switch in programming to ``classical lite.´´ They are disturbed about 
its implications for the few remaining classical stations struggling to 
survive in a radio market so competitive it´s likened to Silicon Valley 
real estate.
   ``We had to get off Planet Art,´´ KDFC program director Bill Lueth 
said. ``We´re playing music for the way that our listeners use the 
radio. Our research shows that people use classical music to relax.´´ 
KDFC and its sister station KOIT (95.6 FM) have used similar formulas 
for success -- except that KDFC plays light classical music and KOIT, 
light rock -- to push stations playing hip-hop and other urban sounds, 
KYLD and KMEL, from the top music spot.
   Talk radio station KGO (810 AM) has been the overall ratings leader 
in the Bay Area for 22 years. KDFC and KOIT tied for No. 2 in the recent 
Arbitrons, each getting 4.5 percent of the market or an average of 
560,000 listeners per week.
   KDFC's popularity is based on a predictable formula, Lueth said. 
``People need something to count on.´´
   During drive time, KDFC plays short pieces -- Mozart symphonies and 
excerpts or movements of longer works. It chopped its playlist from 
20,000 CDs to 2,000, and repeats favorite works.
   ``I was asked to design a new approach -- to find out how people use 
classical music on the radio. Programmers who think they know what 
people need to listen to, run radio like a museum,´´ said Lueth. Based 
on listener surveys, the station dropped vocal music, including 
broadcasts of the Metropolitan Opera. That provoked an outcry from 
listeners -- who were considered too much of a niche market.
   ``We have to go with the majority,´´ said Rik Malone, evening host 
and assistant program director. Return to competition 
   But this listener alienation brought competition back to the 
classical dial. KMZT (1510 AM) began broadcasting a mix of classical CDs 
and syndicated orchestral concerts from 6 a.m. to midnight. The new 
station pursues a traditional format with opera and vocal music, said 
Los Angeles-based owner Saul Levine. Levine is familiar with classical 
radio in the Bay Area. Two years ago, he was forced to sell KKHI-FM 
because it was losing money with a traditional classical format.
   ``The climate´s really changed,´´ said Levine, who has received 
dozens of faxes from listeners happy for the new station. ``I wish 
people had cared so much before. But now, they realize what they´ve 
   The reason KDFC went ``light´´ -- and why so many family-run stations 
have dropped off the dial in the past two decades -- is a tale of the 
bottom line. The 1996 Telecommunications Act allowed companies to own 
more stations -- both in individual markets and across the country. The 
result was a feeding frenzy for radio stations.
   ``It´s definitely real estate of the air,´´ Malone said.
   As stations changed hands, they often changed formats in an effort to 
find more listeners. This led to the demise of family-owned classical 
stations in Philadelphia and Detroit and the ``dumbing down´´ of former 
industry leader, Chicago´s WFMT.
   Sales price zoom 
   Last month, Miami's longtime classical and jazz station, WTMI, was 
sold to Cox Broadcasting for $100 million. When it last sold in the 
'80s, its sale price was a then-unprecedented $1 million. Its current 
revenues are $4.5 million a year. ``At that (sale) price there -- and 
with those revenues -- there is no chance the station will remain 
classical,´´ said Lueth, who consulted on its new programming but said 
he disagrees with its switch from light classical to classical-with-
Celine Dion. In San Francisco, Bonneville bought KDFC for $45 million in 
1997. Its previous owners, Brown Broadcasting, had bought the station 
for $13 million in 1993.
   When Bonneville bought the station, its revenues were hovering 
between $4 million and $5 million. Today, it's breaking $10 million in 
gross revenues.
   ``It´s a totally outrageous market,´´ said Levine, who said he was 
offered $300 million for the classical station he has run in L.A. for 30 
years. His Mount Wilson Broadcasting is privately owned. ``Our profits 
are modest, we´re not in it for the bottom line,´´ said Levine. He 
maintains classical music is -- and has to be -- a niche market.
   ``All the buying and selling has definitely affected the numbers of 
stations out there -- and their programming,´´ Malone said. ``There used 
to so many stations.´´
   There are only three dozen commercial classical stations left. 
Another 150 public stations broadcast varying amounts of classical 
music; many are shifting to talk and news formats as KQED did 9 years 
ago. It's not all about programming, Lueth said. ``What really punched 
us to the top,´´ he said, was KDFC´s first television ad, which ran from 
October through December. It features an attractive woman, who says: 
``Admit it. When you think of classical music you think stuffy or old 
fashioned... but KDFC´s for real people not music professors.... It´s so 
comfortable you´ll want it on all the time.´´
   That enraged some longtime listeners, including William Meredith, 
director of the Beethoven Society at San Jose State University. He 
mailed copies of the promotion to the American Musicological Society and 
started a protest campaign. ``It was demeaning and anti-intellectual. 
KDFC´s programming, which I call `Top 80,´ has further marginalized 
classical music in the Bay Area,´´ Meredith said.
   Lueth disagreed. ``KDFC is still the most sophisticated listening 
audience on the dial, it´s no longer appealing to just people with music 
   Lueth holds two music degrees. But he cited the lack of music 
education -- and shorter attention spans -- for making listeners 
unwilling ? and perhaps unable -- to appreciate traditional classical 
music programming. 
   Protect an art form 
   But Bill O'Connell, Lueth's predecessor at KDFC and now programmer at 
WCLV in Cleveland. said the lack of music education is one reason 
classical stations should continue substantive programming. ``Refuse to 
remove the challenges from the mix,´´ he said. ``It is irresponsible to 
an art form that was never meant to be commodified.´´
   Malone said, ``We sympathize with people who are missing some things, 
but if we play all things for all people, we wouldn´t be on the air.´´ 
Lueth agreed, ``We are not a service industry, we´re a business. Radio 
isn´t an art form, it´s an entertainment medium.´´
   Contact Lesley Valdes at lvaldes@xxxxxxxxxxxxx or at (408) 920-5640

 More on KMZT...

   More on New Classical Station: Believe me, I'm not such a diehard 
KDFC fan that I don't welcome more classical stations. I do. Several 
more would be great -- after all, how many flavors of adult 
contemporary, which is pretty insipid to begin with, do we have or need? 
But this week's story in an S.F. daily about the rebirth of a daytime-
only Marin classical station at 1510 AM called KMZT, "K-Mozart," left a 
few important details out. This is, of course, where the old KKHI was 
before L.A-based owner Saul Levine dumped it two years ago, switching to 
an elevator-music-type format called KJQI.
   The KDFC-haters will, of course, flock to KMZT (the Chron called it 
the "anti-KDFC"), now that Levine has announced that he'll carry the 
Metropolitan Opera live on Saturdays, which KDFC understandably declined 
to do and which unleashed a flurry of indignant and cheap-shot letters 
at Lueth and KDFC. I love the way the Chron put it this week: "the 
growing dissatisfaction among KDFC among serious (italics mine) 
classical listeners persuaded Levine to take another whack at the 
   The Chronicle, like the Examiner, also has its classical music critic 
covering classical commercial radio; this shows the importance the S.F. 
dailies attach to radio. (At least the Chronicle guy, to give him 
credit, finally reported KDFC's high ratings -- a big radio story 
already a month old.)
   It appears that those "serious" classical listeners either have short 
memories or are not fully informed about Levine.
   First of all, Levine, who also owns classical KKGO (105.1 FM) in El 
Lay, abandoned classical music once here. What makes them think he won't 
do it again, even though he told the Chron "we can go for some time 
without making money"? And well-placed sources have told me that not 
only did Levine pull the plug on KKHI in 1998, he locked the staff out ? 
and fired them by fax.
   And given KDFC's remarkable recent Arbitron finish as the Bay Area's 
No. 1 music station, Levine's decision to "take a whack at" classical 
again with yet another satellite-delivered operation seems just a tad 
   And I'll bet most of those "serious" listeners aren't aware of what 
happened to KKHI's priceless classical library a few years ago when CBS, 
which bought the old KKHI 95.7 frequency, sold the KKHI call letters to 

Hard-Core-DX Staff - staff@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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