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Here's one for everybody! Those follow-ups don't always work! I just received a letter in response to a 1989 reception report to KPUA in Hilo, HI on 670 kHz. I quote:
"In response to your request for verification of KPUA, we can verify that we do broadcast at 10,000 watts on a frequency of 670 M(?)Hz. Unfortunately, we are unable to verify programming from September of 1989, as it dates back too far for our program logs. Sorry we couldn't be of more help. Thank you very much for your inquiry"
Chris Leonard, GM
I sort of think that if they would have verified this report back in 1989 when I sent it, this wouldn't be happening. Oh, well. I can retire THAT logging!
Terry Palmersheim, KC7LDP/FOØPAM