[HCDX]: DX Listening Digest 00-68, May 22
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[HCDX]: DX Listening Digest 00-68, May 22

DX LISTENING DIGEST 00-68, May 22, 2000 edited by Glenn Hauser

{Items from DXLD may be reproduced and re-reproduced only providing
full credit be maintained at all stages. DXLD may not be reposted in
its entirety without permission. Other publications quoting from DXLD
must reciprocate with access to their publication}

** ALBANIA. New E-Mail Addresses + Homepage of Radio Tirana
E-Mail: radiotirana@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  radiotirana@xxxxxxxxxxxx
Homepage:  http://www.radiotirana.net  73,s (Volker Willschrey,
Dillingen/Saar, Germany, May 21, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

No English, no apparent link to external services (gh)

** ARGENTINA? Pirate: R. Bosques is still on the air, with new
equipment since last week, two transmitters. The main one, 150 watts
SSB is on 5646 and 8240. Secondary, 100 watts SSB, transmits on 5670,
9313 and 12001 kHz. At the moment the most active are 5646, and 12001
or 9313. The latter two test irregularly during the daytime. Sked: UT
Sun and Mon 0000-0300 mainly on 5646. Operator adds that they have
newly printed colorful QSLs. Reports should only have the name of the
operator on the envelope: Sr. Alejandro García, Magdalena 34, 1874-
Villa Domínico (B.A.), Argentina. Please include return postage.
(Alejandro García via Gabriel Iván Barrera, Conexión Digital May 21
translated by gh for DXLD)

** BOLIVIA. DXers Bill Smith and Marcelo Toniolo dos Anjos have
teamed up to keep Radio Mamoré, Bolivia, on the air! According to
Walt Fair,  Radio Mamoré has a serviceable 500 watt transmitter, but
they are on their last 813 transmitting tubes and even those are on
low output because they are failing. Bill has just obtained the 813
tubes and Marcelo has agreed to help with the shipping.

Radio Mamoré is located in Guayaramerín on the Amazon area border
with Brazil. They operate at 1000-1700 and 2100-0200Z. This station
was last reported by Rogildo Fontenelle A. Dec. 26, 1999 on 4802v.
The <500 watt station has apparently never been reported in North
America, but has received reports from European DXers. QSLs reports
may go to: Radio Mamoré, Director Beni y Mamoré, Guayaramerín, Beni,
Bolivia. Reports from DXers are welcome. Thanks to Walt for the
backgrounder on the station. Other stations can use DXers help.  If
you or your organization are interested, please contact me (Hans
Johnson, Cumbre DX May 20 via DXLD)

** CANADA. After a spell of rather uninteresting topics, in my
opinion, Ideas on CBC draws my eartention:

Wed-Thu May 17-18, Colour in the Mind`s Eye

Fri May 19, Sampling Goa, a global trance state, birthplace of the

Mon-Tue May 22-23, The `Real` Richard Burton ? Victorian linguist,

Wed May 24, Canadian Imperialist Abroad, African explorer William
Grant Stairs

Thu May 25, Standing for Africa, Nigerian writer Chinua Achebe

Fri May 26, XXth Century Spring, première of Stravinsky`s Rite of
Spring in 1913

Mon May 29, The End of the Wild, what indigenous peoples can teach us
about the material and spiritual world

Tue May 30, Losing Aiktow, sacred site in Saskatchewan dynamited

Ideas is at 9:05 pm local in each timezone (except 9:35
Newfoundland), not on SW but on CBC Radio One AM and FM, webcast and
many shows are archived. I have heard the Colour and Goa shows and
recommend going after them. Thanks to Bill Westenhaver for sending us
a handy folder of Ideas topics through June (Glenn Hauser, DX

** CANADA. CBC/RCI preview for Monday, May 22: AS IT HAPPENS: As it
Happens starts half an hour later tonight to accommodate the World at
Six special [on Kosovo]. And tonight on As it Happens... a special
Victoria Day program, with interviews ranging from a monarchist in
Souris, Manitoba, who has brought a giant 3 by 4-metre oil-painting
of the Queen to her town; to the blacksmith in Gretna Green, the
marriage capital of Great Britain. Also... photographer Sherman Hines
on his love of out-houses. That's tonight on As It Happens, with Mary
Lou Finlay and Barbara Budd at 7:00 (7:30 NT) on CBC Radio One. (CBC
Hotsheet) So 2300-2400 UT on RCI 5960, 9755, 13670; webcast each hour
thereafter at 7 pm local (gh, DXLD)

** CANADA. CFRX 6070 noted missing 2102 5/18. Still missing 0704
5/21, but heard Voz Christiana 6070 parallel to 11690 instead. (Larry

** COSTA RICA. RFPI`s 25930-USB is off the air, after the gardener`s
tractor cut the overhead transmission line. Richard Lemke in Alberta
had already suggested taking it off to save money, as it was not
propagating so well in the long summer days; would others like it
back, or perhaps on a different frequency (13 m again?). Also,
another small SSB transmitter is expected to arrive soon. VISTA,
RFPI`s quarterly magazine, is a combined issue now in the P-mail,
including the new program schedule effective in June (received here
May 22, containing some sad news). Several new interns/volunteers
have arrived and are being trained (James and Debra Latham, RFPI
Mailbag first airing Friday May 19 at 2000 on 15049, notes by gh for
DX LISTENING DIGEST) Checking at 2353 UT May 22, 25930 was not there,
nor was 15049, but 6970 was on early in the noise (gh)

** ETHIOPIA [non]. The Ethiopian clandestine opposition Voice of the
Democratic Path of Ethiopian Unity radio was intercepted in progress
at BBC Monitoring East Africa Unit on 21550 kHz today, 21st May, at
0750 gmt, 10 minutes before the normal transmission time. Reception
was much better than before, but deteriorated shortly before the news
bulletin started. The radio announced the following changes in its
transmission time: ``Our listeners have informed us that there has
been a problem with the quality of our transmissions on our Wednesday
and Sunday broadcasts. In order to resolve this problem, the Voice of
the Democratic Path of Ethiopian Unity radio will repeat its
Wednesday and Sunday broadcasts. Therefore, our Wednesday broadcast,
which comes at 1600 to 1700 gmt on the 19-metre band or on 15105 kHz,
will be repeated from 1830 to 1930 gmt on the 19-metre band, or 15715
kHz. Our Sunday broadcast at 0700 to 0800 gmt on the 13-metre band,
or on 21550 kHz, will be repeated from 0800 to 0900 gmt on the 13-
metre band, or 21550 kHz.`` Source: Voice of the Democratic Path of
Ethiopian Unity, in Amharic 0800 gmt 21 May 00 (BBC Monitoring via

** GUATEMALA. R. Verdad, Chiquimula, 4052.5, still barely audible
Monday May 22 at 1125 tune-in, programming already in progress, so
sign-on may have been moved forward, good news against the advancing
terminator. This was a produced discussion, rather than national
anthem previously appearing at this time. At 1132 and 1133, IDs as R.
Verdad, and then into usual Tren del Evangelio show with banjo theme.
Totally faded out by 1140 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** INTERNATIONAL VACUUM. Radio JOVE -- NASA helps students tune in to
radio bursts from Jupiter. NASA Science News for May 22, 2000:
Jupiter is a source of powerful radio bursts that can produce exotic
sounds on common ham radio receivers. NASA scientists are helping
students tune in to the giant planet as part of an innovative
educational program called Radio JOVE. FULL STORY at
http://spacescience.com/headlines/y2000/ast22may_1.htm?list (NASA
Science News May 22 via Christoph Mayer, Germany, hard-core-dx via
DXLD) Gee, I can get 20.1 MHz and I don`t have a ``ham radio
receiver`` (gh)

** ISRAËL. Dear colleagues, Please find below a frequency change
starting May 30th:

Reshet Bet at 0000-2355 50 kW 318 degrees replaces 15615 with 15760.

Russian at 1725-1855 300 kW 360 degrees [meaning 000 degrees due
north?] replaces 11605 with 15650

Since it has been officially decided to extend DST until Oct. 29 like
all other countries, instead of ending Sept. 22, the present schedule
will remain in effect, hoping there will not be any more collisions
than before. (Moshe Oren, Bezeq, May 22, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** NETHERLANDS ANTILLES [non]. Subject: WSHB airing RNW programs
again. WSHB has been requested to aid Radio Netherlands again,
relaying some of their Bonaire transmissions. It seems that one of
the replacement generators at the Bonaire station has had a problem
of some sort.

Beginning Tuesday, May 23, 2000, at 1058 UTC, WSHB will air Radio
Netherlands programming on frequency 15455 kHz, with a bearing of 173
degrees. At 1125, the frequency will change to 9715 kHz. The Radio
Netherlands programming will end at 1225 UTC.

WSHB will continue this relaying of Radio Netherlands programming
until the Bonaire station is back on line. We are glad to be of
service to our colleagues at RNW, and wish them a speedy recovery on

(Ed Evans, WSHB Station Manager, rec.radio.shortwave May 22 via John
Norfolk) He might point out that this concerns Spanish only (gh)

** OKLAHOMA. OKC`s PBS TV station, KETA, channel 13, only added
stereo last year, but not SAP. Now the SAP is sometimes turned on,
with undermodulated parallel audio to main channel, but also with DVS
? Descriptive Video Service on certain programs; so far noted:
Mystery, and Nova, but not Nature. The Tulsa repeater, KOED, channel
11, had left its SAP turned on with dead carrier for months every
time a bit of tropo enhancement brought it in here. OETA could now
use its SAP statewide (there are two more full-power relays in the
east and west, and a couple dozen translators, reaching as far as
Clayton NM), to bring public radio to numerous un/underserved areas,
by putting KGOU/KROU at OU in Norman on the SAP during most of the
time when it is not needed for DVS, as a number of other PBS stations
do with corresponding public radio outlets. But that would be too
obvious, logical and a service to the public and taxpayers... (Glenn
Hauser, Enid, May 20, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** SOMALIA. DX Information from the British DX Club (BDXC-UK). I
heard Radio Mogadishu, V of the People of the Somali Republic, (pro
Husayn Muhammad Aydid) here with fairly strong and clear signal
yesterday afternoon (Sun 21st May) from 1740 UTC tune-in to 1900 UTC
sign-off on 6690.0 kHz, audible on usb & AM only. Included many IDs
plus Koran extract & anthem at sign-off. 73s (Alan Pennington,
Caversham, England, AOR 7030+, longwire, BDXC-UK via DXLD)

** UKRAINE. Very good! RUI NAm service inEnglish returned UT May 16
at 0300 on 13590. I had them bounce between 2 and 3 with slight co-
channel and some hash. At 0335 the co-channels challenged. There were
at lest two, one in Arabic. Ukrain had good modulation which is what
gave them the edge. Well, let`s see how long the funds, fuel and
ransmitters hold out. Very poor reception at 0356* (Bob Thomas, CT,

** U S A. Checking Cumbre report of WSHB 9430 carrying New Dimensions
Sunday at 0200, instead I found May 21 BBC news in English on the
frequency. Another feed mixup, if it was coming via Merlin, as New
Dims is also being added to Skelton? Or did ``Sunday at 0200``
actually mean UT Monday? I forgot to recheck then (Glenn Hauser, OK,

** U S A. The Only Program Worth Listening To on KTBN, The Joy of
Music with Diane Bish, appears again on the TBN television schedule,
Sundays 0930 UT on 7510, and Tuesdays 1600 UT on 15590. Her full
schedule (except no mention of SW or KTBN! and including lots of
obscure TV outlets) is at http://www.dianebishtv.com (as of May 14,

** U S A. Dear Glenn, Thanks for letting your listeners know about
our new webcasts on WAXX.fm and placing our instructions link on your
web page. These webcasts are ongoing (our "shakedown cruise"). Our
formal premier is Saturday, July 1, 6:00 pm PDT (Sunday, July 2, 0100
UTC). We will be doing a live show at that time, with phone calls,
etc., followed by our "legendary" Magic Mushroom show, which is a
stereo effects extravaganza never heard on shortwave. (John
Wisyanski, AKA JohnnyRockin' The Scream of the Butterfly, May 20, DX

Strange that WAXX.FM is not the actual URL for the station. Isn?t
that the point of getting a .fm domain? (gh)

Dear Glenn, Re WAXX.fm, the domain name is registered, but the
current programming is being served by Live365.com on a test basis.
WAXX.fm is awaiting approval of funding from investors prior to
serving from its own domain. Mark Speer, their GM, has arranged for
net access at a reasonable rate. (It is now possible to get an
"unlimited" amount of bandwidth for around $1500/month.) I furnish
The Scream to WAXX.fm on a barter basis; obviously, on-demand audio
is the way to go, but then again, shortwave radio doesn't work that
way, either, so I'm grateful for the added exposure. WAXX.fm also
plans a repeat at a reasonable hour for European listeners, so that
should give everyone more options (John W., May 22, DX LISTENING

UNIDENTIFIED. Like Walt Salmaniw`s complaint about the noise on the
13 MHz band, I had something pulsating from 4820 to about 4945,
centered around 4910 at 1247 and wiping out PNG 4890 as it was
fading; at 1437 it was centered about 4880; sometimes loud (Ron
Trotto, IL, circa May 15, DX LISTENING DIGEST)            ###

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