[HCDX]: weekend DX; new sites visited
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[HCDX]: weekend DX; new sites visited

On Saturday afternoon (24 JUN) I had a little time to explore outer Cape Cod
looking for potential DXing sites with good ocean views for other hobbies
like photography and swimming.  In the town of Eastham, I came upon three
locations that are part of the Cape Cod National Seashore.  Parking is
permitted until midnight, good enough (even on the longest days of the year)
for Trans-Atlantic and Pan-American DXing which is typically best in the
first 3 hours after sunset.

The sites visited were:

Fort Hill Park - great view from an elevation of about 100' / 30 m above sea
level.  You could probably string out some good wires here in autumn /

Coast Guard Beach - somewhat crowded, and suited for car-roof antennas only.
Worth visiting in the off-season.

Nauset Light Beach - a bit roomier than the nearby Coast Guard Beach.  Not
to be confused with Nauset Beach in Orleans to the south.  This is where I
finally set up for a DX session from 2300 to 0200 UTC.

DX started out with a few Spaniards on the high end of the MW dial (1602,
1575, etc.) and some surprisingly early (pre-sunset) Venezuelan stations
such as R.Barcelona-1080 over/under WTIC and R.Dos Mil-1500 over WFIF/WTOP. 
Earliest Trans-Atlantics were from the usual western end of the
Mediterranean area.  UK, Germany, Slovakia, Croatia, Ireland, etc. peaked up
during the 0100-0130 UTC period.  Brazil was heard with good signals from
Fortaleza on 690 and 760.  Venezuelans were "all over the place", at least
between 600 and 1200 kHz.  Off-frequency Carabobo on 1039.6 was really
booming in; demolishing the 1040 pack.  Usual Caribbean signals on splits
(535, 555, 895) were all good.  Early on, ZDK-1100 was coming in with
daytimer WHLI-NY nulled into the mud with the loop/whip cardioid array. 
Overall, for a date so close to the longest day of the year, there was a
nice variety of DX from Europe, North Africa, the Caribbean, and South
America.  Deep Africans were sought but not found other than a hint of
Angola-1502 (chewed up by local-like Venezuela on 1500).

I'll be doing some other DXing over the next 2 weeks, then I'll take the
time to type up all the logs.


Mark Connelly - WA1ION - Billerica, MA, USA 
e-mail: MarkWA1ION@xxxxxxxxxx 
homepage: http://members.aol.com/MarkWA1ION/weblink.htm 


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